world’s most expensive company

What would you do if you were worth 700 Billion?? That’s a lot of money for anyone in one lifetime. What would you buy first a plane? A new iPhone? If your answer is a new iPhone(golden perhaps) you are part of the multitude of people who flock to buy the edgy Apple products which in turn enabled the company to grow and hit the unfathomable 700 Billion market capitalization mark making it to be the world’s most expensive company. This unprecedented height was hit by Apple back in September 2015 right after they announced the release of their iPhone 6 series. Since then the value has fallen as the fast growth could not be sustained by a company as huge as Apple.


Holding the position of world’s most expensive company is not a given as shares fall in value in reaction to different world events and company decisions. As of this date the Apple company has fallen in value and has been surpassed by Exxon Mobil as the world’s most expensive company in the world at a market capitalization of 418 Billion this is as of Friday, 13th November, 2015 versus a market capitalization of 413 Billion for apple


According to Wikipedia market capitalization is defined as the value we get by multiplying the share price by the number of shares issued.

Hence as of this date we have Exxon Mobil as the world’s most expensive company.

We have China’s largest oil producer, PetroChina claiming to have surpassed the 500 Billion mark. Problem is that their stock prices are only based on the prices at the shanghai stock exchange that is isolated to the rest of the world and as such they trade very little shares in the other big securities exchange in the world an as such we cannot use the figures as the valuation may differ.


Apple will surely bounce back as fast as they have fallen as they are the market leader in innovative mobile phones and as they continue to innovate and launch new products their claim as the world’s most expensive company will be cemented.

We can also look at a company’s value by looking at its brand an here Apple company once again tops the charts with Google coming in at a distant second. Apple has a brand value of 170 Billion for the third year in a
row with Google’s brand value being 120 Billion.


This goes to show you that apple is going nowhere in the near future and it would make for a sound investment. Apple is a giant in today’s tech savvy world and because technology is big business in today’s world it means that those who are able to continually innovate are ahead of the curve and this is exactly what Apple has done to stay ahead.


The brand has a strong value because of this innovation and the quality of products that they give to their loyal customers. Having such a strong brand certainly doesn’t hurt Apples claim to be the world’s most expensive company and even though the value may fall and rise and fall, one thing we know for sure is that Apple will be among the Creme De la Creme of the fortune 500 companies for years to come.

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