world’s most expensive coin

Numismatics is the name given to collection of currency which includes paper and coin currency besides tokens and paper money. Coin collection is a big part of numismatics and has even led to the misconception that it is only about collecting coins among many. Regardless of that, coin collection is one of the most popular hobbies around and is quite exciting as well with price of rare and old coins touching millions. Many such coins are rarely even seen by anyone except the elite collectors and most of us can only read about it. Without much ado let us look at the values of the top 5 coins in the world.


1. 1.1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar price-$10,016,875: The 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar was the first ever silver dollar that was minted by the US Mint since its start in 1792. It holds the world record for the most expensive coin ever sold. This rare coin from over 200 years is still in mint condition, which is surprising to say the least and was sold in 2013 by the auction firm Stack’s Bowers for the price of $10,016,875, now that’s one coin everyone would like to have!


2. 2. 1933 Double Eagle price-$7,590,020: The 1933 Double Eagle has a special significance in the history books. Back in 1933 when the world was in the grips of the Great Depression, US president Franklin D Roosevelt issued an order to recall all 20$ gold coins printed the same year. A handful of coins were never returned and there were even attempts by the US secret service to retrieve most of these aDillegal’ coins.

The only known coins in existence are with a private collector who paid a sum of $7,590,020 and the US National Numismatic Collection.


3. 3. 1787 Brasher Doubloon- EB on breast $7,400,000: Ephraim Brasher was a well-known goldsmith who had made several proposals for minting copper coins in the late 1700s in New York. The state did not approve his requests but he still went on to mind several copper and a limited number of gold coins. One such rare coin the 1787 Brasher Doubloon with the initials EB on the breast of the eagle was sold to a private collector for a sum of $7.400.000.


4. 4. 1343 Edward III Florin $6,800,000: The 1343 Edward III Florin is valued at a staggering $6,800,000 is among the rarest coins in the world. Back in the 1300s King Edward wanted to set up gold based coinage for use in Europe and England but this did not really work out well. Only 3 such coins have survived till the present day making all three of them extremely valuable. Two are on display in the British Museum and one in the hands of a collector.


5. 5. 723 Umayyad Gold Dinar $6,029,400: The Umayyad Gold Dinar is one of the rarest coins in the world and holds a special historical significance. It was struck from a mine owned by the then Caliph to mark an occasion of a pilgrimage to Mecca. The site of the mine that the gold is from is still believed to be active site today although the exact location is not mentioned. This gold coin was sold at an auction for a reported $6,029,400 making it one of the most expensive coins from the Islamic world and also among the most significant.

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