world’s most expensive cognac

Would you like a glass of Cognac?

Cognac is originally a French liquor. This was a favorite drink of some of the world’s famous names such as Victor Hugo and Winston Churchill. Also, it’s a type of brandy and is sometimes called “burned wine”. The taste it leaves is like a sweet burn or some fruit cooked over an open flame. Now, let’s see the list.

10. Courvoisier L’Esprit Decanter – $5,000.


This quite expensive cognac is made from a variety of blends and some of them even date from the time of Napoleon 1. Courvoisier has a taste of dried apricot flowers and cinnamon. It has the oldest and the finest vintage bottles from the year of 1802.

9. Jenssen Arcana – $5,500.


This powerful brandy is 98 years old. Can you imagine this? Also, this cognac has a wonderful and elegant bottle. Jenssen Arcana is a completely natural blend, with no additives at all. It offers an addictive experience with a remarkable taste.

The prizes on our list are growing.

8. Hine Crystal Decanter – $6,000


The Mahagony cigar humidor helps in preserving the delicate floral bouquet of this cognac. The bouquet is so original and unique. This cognac perfectly goes with humidor crystal tulip glasses created by Bernard Hine.

7. Frapin Cuvee 1888 – $6,400!

Pierre Frapin Cuvee 1888 Grand Cru Cognac bottled in a a beautiful limited-edition crystal glass decanter, adorned by a special 24k gold spiral and stopper

This rare blend of cognacs from Frapin’s reserves is bottled in 24-karat gold. Its twisty crystal decanter appears like a prop from a Shakespeare’s plays. But, what’s the taste this cognac brings to the lucky ones who have a chance to try it out? Well, there are some flowery flavors combined with sweet spices, honey, and toasted vanilla. Does this sound attractive?

Let’s see the next one.

6. Martell Creation Cognac In Fland-carved Baccarat Decanter – $7,500


This cognac is also rare because the first bottle was made at the beginning of the 19th century. It has a flavor of dried fruit and marmalade and the subtle notes of cedar and walnuts. It has the same color as red wine.

5. Le Voyage de Delamain – $7,900


The first brand of this cognac was bottled in 500 crystal decanters. According to those lucky ones who have tried it, it contains a mix of tastes resembling the Russian leather, tobacco, coffee, and Eastern spices. But there is something more that makes this Cognac extraordinary. It is the blend of extremely old eaux-de-vie that has been nurtured in the famous Delamain cellars.

4. Flardy Perfection – $12,900


This is the oldest Known unblended cognac. The taste of this cognac resembles chocolate and oak. What makes this Cognac rare is the origin of the eaux-de-vie which dates back to the 1870’s and the pre-Phylloxera days.

3. Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII – $55,000


This is a blend of many old cognacs. More precisely, 1,200 eaux de vie were combined to make this one, and it why this cognac is among the most exclusive ones. It tastes like flowers, spices, and fruits and has a nice hint of cinnamon, Cuban cigars, and ginger.

2. Hennessy Beaute du Siecle Cognac – $200,000


This cognac was created by blending the rarest eaux-de-vie of Hennessy. This limited edition (only 100 items produced) was created by French artist Jean-Miche Othoniel. This exclusive cognac has a bottle of mirrored glass and aluminum.

And, finally, number one is here!

1. Henri IV, Grande Champagne – $2 Million


Henri IV is champagne with an alcohol content of 41%. The bottle of this cognac is really impressive, too. So, Henri IV is caped inside the barrel for over 100 years, in a 24-karat gold and 6,500 diamond bottle.

After reading how much you will have to pay if you would like to try some of these cognacs, I can’t but ask if their prizes matter to you.


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