world’s most expensive cigarettes

Cigarettes were essentially born to commercialize taking of tobacco as an entity. Rapidly, they industrialized into an extravagance good, and the struggle to avail varieties in the industry began. Since then, brands are being created, some being more pricey than others.
Our talk on expensive cigarrete brands isn’t meant to promote specific brands, smoking habits or other such things, but rather to enhance people’s knowledge and information on the expensive things existing all around the world.

Smokers are well aware of the comparison of different brands’ cost and quality. That aids much in choosing which brand better suits them. However, they still may be unaware of the expensive brands which aren’t even available in their countries or locales.
World’s Most Expensive Cigarettes
Some individuals however, will be interested in knowing which cigarette is most expensive. Often, it’s a question that fades away unanswered. Our thorough, near to accurate, and intensive research has enabled us to feature which cigarettes are the most costly. The list is near to accurate, if not entirely accurate.

1. Insignia



This product, by ITC Ltd, sells over 80% of all the cigarettes in India. Insignia is currently rated among the most expensive cigarette’ brands in the world. Its rating can be largely attributed to its costly variants. Also, its appealing smoothness factor in tobacco’s flow plays responsible for its top rating.

2. Gold Flake


Closely following Insignia is another cigarette brand- Gold Flake. The two are relatively similar with regard to their pricing. It’s also a product of ITC Ltd and is manufactured from brightly-colored, golden-yellow tobacco flakes. This product, craved by the heart of every chain smoker, is availed in a greatly-broad range and various personas such as Gold-Flake Kings Light, Gold Lights and Gold Flake King, just to mention a few.

3. Benson & Fledges.


This English cigarette brand has quickly made its way into our most expensive’ lists, since it’s a brand you’ll barely miss in most chain smokers’ pockets. It was founded in 1873, in Canada, by William Fledges and Richard Benson. Its tastes, packaging and quality differ from a region to another, its only preference being to fulfil actual customers’ needs.

4. Pall Mall


This is yet another famous brand, produced by R.J’ Reynolds from the firm after Camel, and introduced in 1899. It’s now among Reynolds’ most popular cigarettes, enrolling into among the most expensive brands globally. It’s described as the American style Pall Mall, and named as Premium Brand from British American Tobacco (BAT). This has actually enables it to gain remarkable popularity in various regions.

5. Dunhill


Dunhill cigarettes, produced by BAT Company, feature among the most luxurious, expensive versions produced by BAT and mostly sold in Asian-Pacific, Canadian and European markets. It’s operated and owned by Reynolds American’ Dunhill International, producing cigarettes in distinct varieties, some that’re even country- and region- specific so as to fully satisfy the loyal customers.
A cigarette brand’s price is mostly dependent on 2 things:
– The cost of production, and
– It’s advertisement and commercialization all round the globe

You’ll find various tobacco companies offering different brands with respect to taste, quality and price. The above are the most expensive, and definitely for a reason. The most likely reason, and more apparent, is that they’re better. They’ve been known to increase one’s taste all the way.

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