world’s most expensive caviar

If you’ve ever dreamed about being a billionaire what do you imagine your life would be like? For most people it would be a life of extreme luxury. A multi-million dollar mansion with hundreds of bedrooms, a private jet, people to tend to your every need and the fastest cars and most advanced technology money can buy.

The Almas Caviar

What about the food? you would probably have a chef that comes to your house and cooks you whatever you feel like at a moments notice, and of course you could afford to eat at the most expensive and exclusive restaurants in the world. If money was really no object what would you order? what is the one food item that comes to mind when you think of extreme luxury. The one thing you need to be extremely wealthy to eat. Caviar.


There are many varieties of caviar, you might have had something at your local restaurant called caviar but often it is actually something called salmon roe. Basically the eggs from salmon which can be quite tasty but it does not compare to the texture or flavour of real caviar. Caviar is described as the salt cured fish eggs of fish from the sturgeon family, and it can’t just be any old sturgeon. Real, genuine caviar has to come from the wild sturgeon that swim in the Caspian sea that lies between Europe and Asia.


The most prestigious caviar is Beluga caviar, from the Beluga fish and the most expensive Beluga caviar is called Almas. According to the Guinness World Records Almas is not only the most expensive caviar it is also the most expensive food in the world. Almas caviar must come from albino beluga fish that live in the most remote areas of the Caspian sea in Iran. The fish must also be over 100 years old. Due to the required age of the fish and the fact that they must be albino it is very hard to find them, there are very few left in the world. The rarity of the albino beluga fish makes the exclusivity and the price of their eggs very high. The older the fish, the richer the flavour and the more expensive it is.


If you want to try this delicacy you can’t just go down to your local fish market. The only place that will sell it are places called caviar and Prunier houses which can mostly be found in Europe. Traditionally it comes in a small metal container plated with gold and costs around $25,000 for just a kilo. There are many theories about how such an exclusive food should be eaten. Many believe that it should be served cold on a glass dish
as a metal dish will tarnish the flavour. Some say that it tastes good on bread, toast or crackers and should be paired with Russian Vodka or French Champagne.


The most common method of eating Almas is to put a small amount on the back of your hand between your thumb and first finger and eat it off your hand, this seems the most pure way to experience trying something so rare. The taste of the most expensive food in the world is described as very rich and strong and it must be salted correctly to produce the creamy, smooth nutty flavour.

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