world’s most expensive boots

When it comes to wearing and buying expensive footwear, people get divided into two kinds of people: one who scoffs at the price and moves on to look for better prices value ratio, and the other who flutters through his earnings to get what his heart wants.

Here we’re gonna talk about the other kind. The fortunate, rich kind of people who have bought the most expensive boots ever sold. It’s unbelievable really, for how much these little things, sell. These are the 5 most expensive boots.

1. The ?2 Million Vandevorst Boots


Designed by Belgian fashion label A.F. Vandevorst, in collaboration with a leading diamond company of Antwerp, named Diarough,this is the most expensive boots to ever exist in the history of mankind. These famous pair of boots took over 30000 hours of man work to prepare them, and come up to about mid-calf with a concealed wedge. They are made up of nearly 5000g of gold, studded with astonishing 39083 champagne, grey, and pink diamonds which add up to 1550 carats. These eye watering boots are displayed at the MAS Museum in Antwerp.

2. Howard H. Knight’s Phantom Boots



As reported by the Forbes Magazine in 2006, the Phantom Boots were in the news even before they were named. These boots are named Phantom Boots because of floral carvings and designs which cover most of its surface. The boots, are made up of saltwater Crocodile leather, and the interior comprises of a lining made up of Black Kangaroo. The floral designs in the centre are made up of 18 carat gold and rise off the boot. The designer, Howard Knight, is known to be passionate about extraordinary unusual designs, and is featured in many fashion magazines and books about exclusive designs. These boots are priced at a whopping $106,000 (?630,000).

3. Tres Outlaws


Hold your breath, for these unique cowboy boots created by skilled craftsmen from El Pass, Texas. The brand offers products based on specific requests and the customer is entitled to pay hefty, but worthwhile price.

These exotic custom cowboy boots are worth up to a bewildering $75000 with studded gold and silver coins from major local historical periods.

4. Exclusive Designed by Manolo Blahnik


Available at the designer’s New York boutique, these pair of beautiful boots are created byManolo Blahnik Rodriquez who is a Spanish designer. These knee length boots are made of black alligator boots and can be owned by just $14000, which is far less than the other three stated above. Originating from a brand known for its innovation, this creation really is exotic and is fashion smitten. These boots will give novelty to the owner who will stride with pride.

5. Gucci


In modern times, a synonym for trendsetters, is nothing but Gucci. The price range for Gucci boots start at as low as $5000 and go up to as high as you can afford. The least expensive ones are made up of simple woven leather, and the most expensive ones are woven out of the finest leathers from around the world.

These were the top 5 most expensive collection of boots. Concluding, if you have the money, you have the ultimate fashion statement under your feet. HAPPY WALKING!

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