world’s most expensive bikes

Most of us would just buy bikes that are of decent price just as long as it is durable and can function well. We would would not dare buy a very expensive bike. It would just be a dream for most us to buy the expensive ones. Nevertheless there some lucky people who can buy such expensive bikes. But regardless of whether we can buy such expensive bikes or not, we can still enjoy and be amazed at the most expensive bikes in the world. So here is the list of the most expensive bikes in the world (in descending order so that most of us will not be immediately shocked):


Top 5: Trek Madone 5 – Diamond = $75,000This is here is one of a kind bike. The reason behind why this bike is so expensive is because it is adorned with 7 ONE CARAT DIAMONDS AND MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED WHITE STONES. I can just imagine the people lining on the streets waiting for this bike not because of its rider but because they are hoping that one of the diamonds will fall off. I


Top 4: Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike = $114,400Looking at the name of this bike I asked myself “Why is this not the most expensive bike when it has both Crystal and gold in it?” But I knew the answer later on. So just keep on reading.

There are only 10 Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike made and sold around the world. This bike is expensive since it is MADE UP OF GOLD and ADORNED WITH 600 SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS


Top 3: Kaws – Trak Madone = $160,000At first glance you would think that this is just one of the average bikes but the Kaws brand is one of the most expensive bikes in the world. What specifically makes this type of Kaws bike expensive is the design. It has been designed by great graffiti artist Brian Donnelley transforming the wheels into two giant spinning mouths.


Top 2: Trek Yoshitomo Nara = $200,000This bike was designed by Japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara, hence the name, and this is the best one to use when racing. The framework of this bike has been made of carbon fiber which makes this bike have a light weight. And since it is a light weight then it means that it will run faster. So this bike is really the beast bike to use when you are racing.

And the Most Expensive Bike is:


Top 1: Butterfly Trek Madonne – $500,000Yes! You read the price correctly. This bike that became the most expensive bike in the world the moment it was sold at an auction at Sothebys in New York in order to raise money for the LiveStrong charity cancer charity and designed by Damien Hirst costs a whooping $500,000. You could already buy a mini house. You could also already buy lots of food to eat for a year. You could also start a business with that amount too. So, yeah, Butterfly Trek Madonne bike is really expensive. But for the bike lovers, collectors, aficionados and serious cyclists, it would probably be worth it for them to pay that hefty amount.

What makes this bike so expensive and coveted by bike aficionados is the fact that it is adorned by REAL BUTTERFLY WINGS! Yes again, you read it correctly. So it is really no wonder that it is so expensive compared to the other bikes like Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike. Imagine capturing alot of butterflies just to adorn a single bike. That would take up so much work.

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