World’s most developed country

There are so many different countries in the world with different cultures,languages,climate and the type of people. Every country is unique in its own way. Some are rich while others are poor, some are hot while others are cold , some are strictly religious while others are liberal. Now among all these diversities, to judge the world’s most developed country is not an easy task. The overall development of the country depends on many factors such as Gross Domestic Product(GDP), per capita income of the citizens, literacy rate , life expectancy , standard of living et etcetera.There is one more factor called the Human Development Index i.e. HDI which indicates the level of development of the country.Singapore According to the list published by an agency, among the list of 15 developed nations, Norway came out to be the world’s most developed country on the basis of HDI with a score of 0.955. There were other countries also on the list but Norway was the clear winner. Australia came up at the second position while Switzerland came third. Norway is a small Scandinavian country with a population of just above 5 million. The education standards of Norway is one of the best in the world and the poverty and the unemployment rate is almost nil in the country. The health sector is one of the best with a life expectancy of nearly 80 years.Norway enjoys a very strong economy mainly because of the abundant natural resources it has. The exports done by the country also contributes heavily in maintaining a strong economy of the nation. The GDP of Norway is about USD 350 billion with the per capita of around USD 65,000. Norway was one of the initial finding members of NATO but it rejected joining of the European Union but it still enjoys a very good relationship with the other members of the European Union. Specifying the natural reserves of Norway, it has abundance of petroleum,sea-food , natural gas, oil which help in developing its economy to a great extent. In a survey conducted , the people of Norway were found to be the happiest in the world because Norway has very less unemployment rate and virtually non-existent poverty. most-developed-country-in-the-world-top10wala.in_It also has one of the best healthcare and education system in the world because of which there is no scope of brain drain and the citizens of Norway work for their own country increasing the talent as well as the resources of the nation.SwedenNorway also maintains a very good relationship with all the countries in the world with embassies in 86 countries and nearly 60 countries have embassies in Norway
making it world’s most developed country. Norway also happens to be the founding member of the United Nations, The Council Of Europe, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Norway also contributes to maintaining peace in the world and has not been a part of any of the wars till date making it one of the most safe and peaceful country in the world to live in.Germany

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