World’s most dangerous snakes

Snakes. Just the thought of them hissing and slithering can make the most fearless of daredevils shiver. Well, not all of them are scary. For example, that pretty yellow python Britney brought to the VMAs – that one was totally adorable!

But if watching Anaconda 1,2 and 3 has taught us anything, it is that not all snakes can be trusted. A little internet research will give you tons of data showing fatal encounters between humans and these creatures. There’s even an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to listing every snake bite victim in the United States from the 1900s up to the present day, complete with exact dates, location and information on the species of the attacker. Look it up.

There are over a thousand species of deadly snakes in the world, but the following are ten of the most dangerous out there. Make sure to stay away from these vicious killers at all cost!

10.IMG_3822-2 Russell’s Viper You’re probably thinking: who on Earth is Russell? Let me tell you something – it doesn’t matter! What you need to know is that these aggressive, highly venomous snakes mean trouble. They strike at the speed of lightning and causes blistering, necrosis and internal bleeding. Their bites are said to be extremely painful, as well. If you’re looking to die an excruciating death, try taunting a Russell’s Viper.

9. death-adder-steve-LargeCommon Death Adderlt’s middle name is “Death,” for crying out loud! That should tell you enough about this species. It is recorded as the fastest striking snake in the entire world. Unlike other snakes, the Common Death Adder attacks without prior warning. It just sits there quietly until a prey approaches.

8.Mamba_Dendroaspis_angusticeps Green MambaA Green Mamba is not something you order from a local vegan store. Green Mambas are an extremely aggressive, alert, agile, not to mention, deadly species of snake. Its venom acts fast and will most likely kill its prey rapidly, if not in an instant.

7. Sinai-Desert-CobraBlack Desert Cobra The Black Desert Cobra, commonly found in the Middle East, has caused a high volume of deaths in its region. Its venom will kill you, but not before causing fever, pain, headache, weakness and vomiting.

6.Sea Snake v. Poison Fish Sea SnakeAlso called Hydrophiinae, these snakes are listed as one of the most dangerous sea creatures
out there. They are are said to have venom potent enough to kill dozens of people in one blow.

5. Discovery ChannelAnaconda Of course, Anacondas made the cut. They’re scary, massive and very deadly. They can weigh up to 450 pounds and can grow up to 28 feet long. They may not be venomous, but they can crush the life out of their prey.

4.patterson RattlesnakeMany are afraid of being attacked by rattlesnakes. And why wouldn’t they be; these night hunters are said to kill 20% of their victims. Their venom contain high neurotoxicity and can cause damage to the heart and skeletal muscles.

3. Python_reticulatus_сетчатый_питон-2Python Reticulatus These nonvenomous constrictors are considered one of the most lethal snake species in the world. Unlike anacondas that do not exactly have a record for preying on humans (at least not that we know of), reticulated pythons actually have a history of having people as preys.

2. 20060306_King_Island_Tiger_SnakeTiger SnakeReal tigers are scary, but Tiger Snakes are scarier. They have enough venom to finish off 40 adult human beings at once. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

1.062614-met-cobra-01 King Cobralt isn’t called King for nothing. It is known to be the deadliest snake all over the world. Every year, it kills tens of thousands of people, injecting an estimated of six teaspoons of venom to its victim in every bite. That’s six teaspoons of something you wouldn’t want flowing through your veins.

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