world’s most dangerous places

Some cities are known for to have many risks and hence full of awaiting dangers of all shapes and sizes. These dangers include war-torn cities, desperate marauders, petty theft, drug cartels and street violence. It also includes calamities such as wildlife and advance weather conditions.

1. San Pedro Sula – Honduras05c7bb52-7957-4a52-aad4-1be58ae5725d

its a town in northern of Honduras, its a dangerous place and also known as murder capital city as it has most violence in the in the world. In San Pedro, it has a homicide of over 180 per 100,000 people this is due to the fact that there are illegal firearms everywhere. It also consists of some worlds known deadliest and violent gangs who are continuously fighting for power in order to control the drug trade which is rampant in the area. It is a place where police are paid and bribed by these gangs hence so many crimes goes unpunished. This is due to political poverty and corruption in the area hence resulting people to flee to the US.

2.Java and Sumatra – Indonesiadanau-toba1-1024x622

It a city in which natural calamities are very common. These includes floods, storms, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides that have frequent for over last 100 years. In 2004, there was a tsunami with a magnitude of 9.1 that hit the shore killing over 230,000 individuals.

3.Mogadishu – SomaliaTeil2-1

This a city with endless danger. It has no government, high level of terrorism, drought due to unfavorable weather conditions and also lacks food and basic needs making it a hell on earth. It has a militant called AL Shabaab that not only controlled most of Mogadishu but most of Somali. Regardless of UN forces and AU forces deployed to fight this known group they have been a threat even to neighboring countries thus a dangerous place to live or travel. It has area controlled by warlords and pirates who continuously harass those traveling via Indian oceans

4. Kabul, Afghanistan80DD4CF3-3709-4B6C-83D6-481621D067E7_w974_n_s

It obvious that it not a place each traveler or tourist would want to visit or enjoy a holiday there. It has been in the news due to gunfires, land mines, bombing, and violence. Afghanistan is still under war started in around 2009 by US forces against the Taliban forces. Apart from that there is a growth of ISIS a group violent and responsible for bombing in neighboring country Iraq. Apart from war its an area where average 40% people lack clean water and other materials hence if not killed by bullet lack of basic need will.

5. Cape Town, South AfricaCape-Town-aerial-view-with-stadium-table-mountain-SML

Apart from shark attacks on cape town. Crime level is very high with most blame put to ignorant south African government. Cape town is characterized by gang fighting and this has led it to be one of most dangerous place in Africa. It’s a place of social evils such as rape (it has highest sexual violence in which 500,000 women and one in every 4 men are raped), brutal murders(average of 50 murders daily) and armed robbery. One of insurance companies in 2007 discontinued its policies on some cars as they were stolen too often.

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