World’s most dangerous insects

Insects are everywhere,from our backyard to the basement,these creepy crawlers can be spotted almost everywhere. A majority of people would love to stay away from any sight or contact of insects owing up to the weird feeling they generate on look and touch. Well,today i give you a whole new reason to not only avoid them but be intimidated by them as u read about the deadliest insects in the world and the fact that they might be living with you right now in your garden or in any corner of your living room! Read on:-


Male human head louse, Pediculus humanus capitis. Technical settings :  - focus stack of 57 images - microscope objective (Nikon achromatic 10x 160/0.25) directly on the body (with adapter ~30 mm)

Lice:– what better way to start off with a very old friend of humans, Lice, we have been playing host to these wingless, attached to flesh, blood sucking insect for ages. Although not deadly but don’t underestimate these little creeps as they can make your head a breeding heaven of their own. They eat your flesh, suck your blood, breed on you and the worst, they are always on the lookout for new host, a typical person can be a host to 20 types of lice at once, ewww!

2)European_wasp_white_bg Yellow jacket(Wasps):- This little fellow from the wasp family is a typical aggressive not to

be messed with insect, they prefer to be left alone undisturbed, and if otherwise disturbed, they tend to attack and believe me, repeatedly. Yes they can attack repeatedly unlike the honey bee. whats worst? If you have a bad day these chaps can mark you with their stings and can follow you to distance to attack you, now that’s something. So next time you spot some of these better stay away!

3) Cockroaches:- Oh! The very mention of these is enough to make many of us cringe, yes these

cockroaches apart from being really creepy, host a number of diseases, some even life threatening, but that’s not all these are really tough to put down, and by tough i mean that they can survive without food or water for months, it is even said that they can survive an atomic or nuclear explosion, and they can also survive without their heads and would only die because of their inability to eat or drink, how’s that for toughness?

4) Bullet-Ant-Paraponera-clavataBullet ants:- How can i leave these as they deserve a true mention in this list, these may be wandering in the dry leaves of your backyard and it’s name comes from a very interesting property it has, It’s bite, yes people often describe a the shooting agonizing pain that lasts for days similar to a bullet shot, wow that must be some pain!

5) Anopheles_stephensiAnopheles mosquito:- Why a mosquito in a mention of most dangerous insects you may

think, well think again, think about how common these little creeps are in most parts of the world! again you may think, well a mosquito bite, they bite suck our blood give us a rash or something for a few minutes, pretty harmless! Well, think again, these mosquito are host to diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. They are all life threatening if not treated properly and in time. So the next time you are ever accompanied by these, keep a bug spray handy!

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