World’s most common name

Nowadays, naming children quirky and fancy names is the in-thing. However, some age-old names have stood the test of time, vehemently staying put like a nugget on sinking soil. An example of such names is Muhammad, the world’s most common name.11

Transcends Geographical and Cultural Borders

Incidentally, the name Muhammad is of Arabic origin, meaning to praise. It is a male name. Over the years, however, the world’s most common name has not only proved to be versatile but also transcends geographical and cultural borders. While it was previously a preserve of especially the Middle East in the past, it has spread its tentacles to Africa, Eurasia, America, and China.Ali_Jifri_b

Deeply-ingrained Naming Tradition

Across the Arab world, Muslim families have a penchant for giving their first male offspring the name Muhammad, thus rendering it a common name. The name Muhammad was the name of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, an Islamic prophet. Prophet Muhammad is seen as the intercessor of Muslims to their God, Allah. Muslims are staunch religious followers and this may indicate why they adore the world’s most common name.169

Variants of the name Muhammad

Across the world, there are localized versions of the name Muhammad, the world’s most common name. Alternatives include Muhammed, Mohammed, Mohamed, and Mohammad, especially in Arab countries and countries adjacent to the Arab world. There are other slight variants of the spelling of the world’s most common name. For example, in Central Asia, especially in the countries with the suffix “stan”, such as Khazakstan and Kurdistan, the world’s most common name is present in the form of Mukhammed and Mihemed, respectively. In Africa variants include Mamadou and Mahamed in West African and Somalia, respectively. In Europe, variants include Moameth, Mehmed, Mohama, Muhamet, Muhamed, Muhammeti,
Truncations of the name Muhammadmaxresdefault

There are various truncations of the world’s most common name; notable truncations include Mo, Mohd, Ma, and Moha. Though they may not sound like they are names of the world’s most common name, they are indeed.

Negative Nuance

The world’s most common name has acquired a negative nuance, especially in the context of the post-9/11 timeframe. While it cannot be gainsaid that the world’s most common name might conjure up gory images of terrorism and radicalization, there are many sports personalities named Muhammad and who are proud of their identities.

In the wake of widespread terrorism which is often committed by brainwashed people, apparently committing heinous acts in the name of their Muslim religion, people introducing themselves as Muhammad may raise curious blows. Therefore, it cannot be gainsaid that the world’s most common name is at stake. Incidentally, there are reports of some people dropping the name Muhammad from their identifications.


To wrap it up, there is and will always be an influx of common names. However, Muhammad, the world’s most common name, will not be edged from the first slot any time in the near future. A sober reflection of the history of the world’s most common name over the years proves that it is timeless. Many names have been adopted and dropped over the years. There over 150 million males named Muhammad. This indicates that the world’s most common name has defied time and is the cream of the crop.

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