World’s most beautiful words

Most of the beautiful words are in English language. Whats makes words beautiful is actually the feelings or emotions behind them. Words that are spoken without feelings are of no use. Words help increase the beauty of our conversations and our understandings of how and why we speak the way we do. 23The words are spoken should show our exact meaning of them, the word love says everything we feel, it means a lot to a mother, father, siblings,relatives, friends, spouses. It is is advised to say this word to your loved ones as many times as possible to show our heart full felt feelings. It shows our deepest feelings. It shoes our deepest emotions. HOME is described our dwelling of four walls and a roof occupied by our loved ones where each one cares and respects others. HOUSE is used to describe a dwelling where people reside but are unconcerned about others, about others. SORRY shows our repentance for our wrong doing be it our behavior etc. PLEASE is used to ask, request as a help etc. Some of the beautiful word as Ameliorate which tells to make or become better, more bearable or more satisfactory. She is becoming “becoming”. Here “becoming” means attractive. He is the ‘cynosure’ of his dad. Here ‘cynosure’ shoes that he is the focal point of admiration by his father. She has a ‘demure’ nature. ‘Demure’ shows that the girl has a nature of being shy and reserved. He has a lot of “forbearance” which means that he can withhold his response even when highly provocated.100_beautiful_words180x270 Her movements are very ‘lithe’ which says that she has a body that is slender and flexible. She has a very ‘resplendence’ skin means that her skin is splendid or dazzling in appearance. The tiger tooth is his ‘talisman’. Which shows that she is very sorrowful and down-case these days, “zephyr’ means a very gentle breeze. “Azure” is a variation of the color blue that is often described as the sky’s color on a summer day. He behaves “untowerdly’ with her which says that his behavior very inappropriate. He is filled with “malevolence”. Saying that he wishes evil or harm to another person or others. She has a “future” nature meaning that she is very sneaky or shifty. These are not such a bunch of letters which are put together to form a word. These letters form beautiful words. Beautiful are nowadays found everywhere. Be it coffee shop, streets, or any other place, we just need to open our ears and concentrate. Then we will notice that we are surrounded by beautiful words and these world make our language beautiful. Use of beautiful words enhances our
personality, people judge us on the basis of our use of words. 132004361438982The most beautiful words fall under the English language. All the beautiful words are short and are pronounced beautifully. These words mainly contain the letter ’L’ and ‘M’. Due to the presence of these words the pronunciation of these words becomes beautiful and then it adds to the beauty of the word. So we can conclude by saying that beautiful words are a boon to our language!032eb75e1492c2ec739b0079f83df26b

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