World’s most beautiful voice

Some singers have a natural singing voice from birth but with a good mentor and learning about music here and there makes their voice this top five, we are going to list the best voice as rated by research that i have conducted.The list below depends on the ratings in social networks and the uniqueness of voices that melts peoples hearts.

1. JACKIE EVANCHOJackie-Evancho-jpg

She is an American classical crossover singer and was born in April 2001 .She made an impression on American got talent by singing ‘Hallelujah’ that left people in chills.One of her latest album ‘Awakening’ that was released n sept 23rd 2014 made her presence be felt by almost the entire world.Her rare pure perfect pitch will melt your heart and that is why in this list she is the number one in the world’s most beautiful voice

2. MARIA CAREYmariah-carey-3

Was born in 1970 march 27th she is an American singer with soprano with a vocal range of 5 octaves ,2 notes and semi-tone of E2 -G#7 .Her voice has a quality husky tune that makes her our number 2 in the world’s most beautiful voice.She is an American sweetheart and a really good mentar.Her song ‘Lead The Way’ makes it the longest note with 20 seconds range.
3.ED SHEERANEd-Sheeran

Edward Christoper “Ed” Sheeran is an English songwriter singer and musician and was born in 1991 Feb 17.His voice is Lyric Tenor and has vocal range of F2-B4-A5 (3 octaves and 2 notes).His low notes are
dark,rich and very resonant.Showing little problem singing at a very lengthy periods of time .with great breath control .warm timble and smooth tone also helps him down there.His voice is clean,powerful .weighty and very strong.Light,Luminous falsetto is his signature that puts him in our number 3 world’s most beautiful voice.

4. ADELEAdele.

Her sensation voice makes her our number three on the world’s most beautiful voice.Songs like ‘Someone Like Yo’ and ‘Rolling In The Deep’ are one of the best songs that this gorgeous lady has released.Her full name Adele Laurine Blue Adkins is a name to reckon with as she is an English singer and a songwriter as well .She was born in 1988 may 5 in the United Kingdom.She has won a Grammy and everyone just loves her beautiful voice that is Mezzo-Soprano and has 2 octaves and 3 notes c3-f5 vocal range.

5. CHRISTINA AGUILERA2013 Television Critics Association's Summer Press Tour - NBC Party

this lady has to have the most powerful and unique voice in America.The fact that she can control her head voice and complex melismas makes her our number five in this list of the world’s most beautiful voice.Christina Maria Aguilera was born in 1980 DEC 18th.This American singer,songwriter and Actor has a nimble and dexterous voice is intricate Melisma,slides and edgy belts.She has a Mezzo-Soprano,4 octares c3-c7 vocal range and has had a 20 sec longest note

The above artists have over the years shown great ability to sing with a great vocal control.Their vocal type gives them a unique signature that only them can pull it off

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