World’s most beautiful shoes

Shoes, who doesn’t love them? Below is the list of the Top 10 shoes that will make you speechless with both their design (not to mention their price!)

1.check-out-the-yeezy-350-boost-low-from-all-angles Kanye West’s YEEZY Line $350+++Although the price of these shoes aren’t that outrageous, the lines of people that are waiting for them are! In 2015, this is definitely the shoe that has sold out globally. Making people line up for hours just to get a raffle of getting one. Are they worth the money? Sure. Worth the hype? We’ll have to find out!

2. 1352_82ccd8e405-hangisi-105-emerald-manolo-blahnik-hangisi-satin-pump-emerald-green-2896Manolo Blahniks $2000lf you think the price is steep, just check out the heigh of these shoes! Often quoted as the most “classic” heel a girl must have. It’s been on countless magazines covers with A-list celebrities swearing by this brand. Manolo’s are also referenced alot on TV and are world famous for their stylish and classic design.

3.christianlouboutin-pigalle-3080698_BK01_1_1200x1200_3 Christian Louboutin $5000The famous red soled heels that make a woman melt. These are highly coveted by almost every girl, especially the diamond encrusted ones. Famously seen on the red carpet as well as various fashion magazines, Louboutin’s have made it to the world’s top stunning shoes.

4. 6a01310f2a72a7970c01310f5aa817970cGold Dipped Nike Dunks $6000This is self explanatory, Nike shoes that are dipped in 24K gold must cost a fortune. Of course the price is marked up as well because there was only 5 limited pairs of these dunks. Talk about a small supply!

5. gc3Testoni Shoes $38,000Beautiful? Yes. Expensive? Certainly. These shoes are made of only the finest alligator leather, not to mention the prestige of the brand name. Ask any gentlemen and he would know the worth of Testoni shoes. Highly coveted by male fashionistas, but also comes with a very high price.

661vNBnlDEyL._UL1500_.Air Jordan Silver Shoes $60,000Not only are these shoes signed by Michael Jordan, they are seen as a the iconic basketball shoes ever since MJ became famous. The design is sleek and stylish, just the way the fans like them. So if you are willing to shell out an extra $60000, there shoes could be yours! But of course there are limited numbers so best of luck trying to find them!

7. 61vNBnlDEyL._UL1500_The Original Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz $612,000lts name will pop up again, but these ruby
slippers are just such a hit! Originally worn by the actress in The Wizard of Oz, they became famous after the movie aired internationally. What’s more is that there were only 3 limited editions left, the last one was sold at an auction for a stunning $612,000.

8. Screen-Shot-2012-11-24-at-8.21.52-PMStuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels $1.8 MillionAnother fashion powerhouse, Weitzman shoes are famous for their high prices as well as sky high heels. These heels are no different, besides the fact that it is bedazzled with 28 diamonds and 158 various gems. Just thinking about it makes us go ooh and ahh.

9. CinderellaSlipperCinderella Slippers $2 MillionAh, who doesn’t love a good fairytale? The recreation of the fairytale Cinderlla’s glass slipper costs a shocking 2 Million dollars. With 565 Diamonds cut into the shoe, elegantly designed to be gold and transparent, who knew that Cinderella’s fairy god mother was actually a millionaire?

10. 1.shoes_1Harry Winston Ruby Slipp ers$3 MillionDropping a whopping 3 million for this shoe, it is probably the most expensive (as well as shiny) shoe you will ever see. Crusted over with red rubies that glitter and shine from miles away, probably a girls wildest dreams to own these shoes. Specifically 50 carrot diamonds and 4600 rubies, these shoes give meaning to the word prestige.These shoes are the recreation of the shoes from the Wizard of Oz, in which Dorothy owns the ruby slippers which she clicks and can magically take her home. Speaking of which, does anyone actually know who has taken these shoes home before?

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