World’s most beautiful rose

Roses are perhaps one of the most well-known flowers. They look beautiful, they smell lovely and are very symbolic to romantic situations. Had a fight with your lover? Buy her a rose! Are you meeting a loved one?

Buy her a rose! We all accept them for their emotional value if not their looks and smell. But did you know that there are a whole lot of rose types besides the typical red rose you may have in mind? While they all have the same rosey look, many of them vary in color or in shape enough to make them unique and beautiful in their own way! Below is a top 5 list of the most beautiful rose types that are known to us.

5. Red Double Knock out Rosered-double-knockout-rose-1

The Red Double Knock out Rose is perhaps most well known because of its unique and funny name. It is a beautifully blooming “double red rose”. The color of the leaves change depending on the current season. The flower has a vibrant red color until autumn. During autumn season the color subtly changes to a smooth and soft reddish color. The knock out rose is also well known for its amazing resistance to different types of diseases that affect roses.

4. Hope for Humanity RoseHopeForHumanityIMG_9590

The Hope for Humanity Rose is well known because it is always found in big clusters. The rose has a deep and wide bud with an intense red color to it. It grows best during warmer seasons, and ceases to bloom once frost has hit. This makes the flower ideal to be grown in hotter locations and breeding them should be avoided in places where there is a case of constant frost.

3. The Quadra Rosequadra-rose

The Quadra rose is a beautiful rose that is often found in clusters of four. The flowers are red until they mature, after which they turn into a soft pinkish color. The Quadra rose’s flowers are one of the biggest of all known rose types. It is also one of the tallest growing roses known to us. As the foliage of the rose grows, it transitions from a reddish color to a dark green color. These roses are beautiful when placed in an exquisite garden!

2. The Blaze Roseb4

The Blaze Rose is a relatively simple looking rose that is often found hanging on walls. The Blaze Rose is most well known for the fact that it requires very little attention to grow properly, making it a great fit for those who want to have a slight bit of decoration for the walls of their lawn. The rose is called “Blaze” because it looks like a blaze of colour when it is fully grown. A great sight to behold!

1. The Darcey Rosedarcey-bussell-rose1

The Darcey Rose takes the number one spot for the top 5 best looking flowers! The Darcey Rose is considered to be one of the oldest, best looking and healthiest roses that have been bred until now. The flower blooms until its very wide and big and shows all of its beautiful petals. Inside of the flower there is a cluster of yellow colored stamens that show once the flower has bloomed completely. The Darcey Rose also has a very unique and fruity smell unlike any other rose. This is the flower that is most often chosen for weddings.

This concludes the top 5 roses as chosen by us. We hope that the article was helpful and that you have learned a thing or two that you did not know about roses before!

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