world’s most beautiful paintings

What are the world’s most beautiful paintings? Although there isn’t any one work of art the could be considered the ‘world’s greatest’, there are a few that artists throughout the years have looks towards for inspiration. The following is a collection of wonderful, inspirational art, that still holds their value through all these years.

5: Self-Portrait with Thorn Neckless (1940)// Frida Kahloi.jpg654

“I paint myself because I am so often alone, and because I am the subject I know best.”-Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter who was born and died in Mexico City, was revolutionary in the movement towards cultural acceptance. This piece, done right after her divorce with husband Diego Rivera, Shows her standing with a monkey and a cat in the background, and a thorns wrapped around her neck, producing her to bleed. The painting was also done right after her affair with longtime friend Nickolas Murray ended. Kahlo produced some of her most pertinent and powerful works of art at this time.

4: Water Lilies and the Japanese Bridge (1887-89)// Claude Monetq15b

A representation of Monet’s two greatest achievements, Water Lilies and the Japanese Bridge showcase not only Monet’s gardens in Giverny, but represent the series of paintings inspired by it. Monet was revolutionary in the Impressionist style of painting. His paint strokes and choice of color illustrated the emotions he had behind his works, exaggerating light sources and mixing it with his impression of what he saw.

3: Dreams Caused by the Flight of the Bee (1944)// Salvador Dalimastectomy_sm

Painted in while Dali and His wife were living in America, this tremendously surreal and symbolic piece is a staple of Dali’s work. Dali had a fascination with the surreal, the dream-like. This is illustrated quite well in this
piece that shows elephants with long, spindly legs and tigers bursting from pomegranates. Said to be an interpretation of the Theory of Evolution’, the painting is a long, existential cause to question most everything we know- isn’t that what great art does?

2: The Starry Night (1889)// Vincent Van Goghi

Painted in 1889, the famed Starry Night is a depiction of the view outside of Vincent Van Gogh’s asylum room window. The contrasting hues and paint strokes are a tremendous show of the artist talents, and the painting is revered as one of his greatest. Van Gogh associated the dimension after death with the night sky; this painting, painted in a time of recovery, may illustrate the turmoil that was passing through the great painters mind at this time. “Hope is in the stars” he states.

1: Michelangelo’s Frescos in the Sistine Chapel (1508 – 1541)Capilla-Sixtina-620x400

Commissioned in 1508 by Pope Julius II to repaint the Sistine Chapels deling, Michelangelo came at the challenge with a sense of apprehension. Finished over the course of four years, the endeavor produced sweet fruits, as the art done by Michelangelo would be hailed for years and years. Using vibrant colors that could be seen from the floor and techniques that produced illusion like effects, one can see why it took the artist a over a total of 10 years to finish the frescos. His final effort was the painting of “The Last Judgment”, done through 1535-1541.

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