World’s most beautiful names

The following are my choices for the top ten most beautiful names in the world. I am going to split this equally between male and female names. There are beautiful names for both genders and so many unique spellings. The options for names when you have a child are endless.

01. tattoo-design-name-adalynn-15Adalynn is a female name, it is of American origin. Adalynn is a somewhat rare name. The name Adalynn is a combination Of: ADA And Lynn. The alternate spellings of this name are: Addalyn, AdaLynn, Addalynn, Adilyn, Adelynn and Adalinn. (2)Aubrey is a female name, of somewhat high popularity. It is a female name of English origin. This name means: Noble Ruler. There are many alternate spellings for this name, such as: Aubry, Aubrie, Aubree, Aubri and Ahbreea.

03.imogen-name-design5 Imogen is a female name. The meaning of the name Imogen is Innocent and Girl. It is of English origin. The alternate spellings for Imogen are: Imogene, Imogenn and Imigen. It was invented by William Shakespeare from the name Innogen. It was made popular as it was the name of a character on the Canadian teen drama Degrassi for six seasons, portrayed by Cristine Prosperi. Paisley is a female name. The name Paisley means Church. It is of Scottish origin. Ther altername spellings for the name Paisley are: Paislee, Paislie and Paisly. Mtv’s Teen Mom 2 have a child who was born on the show named Paislee. This has upped the popularity of this name.

05. tattoo-design-name-skye-15Skye is a female name. Skye is listed as meaning: From The Isle Of Skye. The name is of Scottish origin. Generally used as a short for of Skyler or Skylar. Alternate spelling is: Sky. It is popular as a middle name in many cases also. Arthur is a male name meaning Bear. It is of Welsh origin and it is a fairly common name in boys. There are no alternate spellings for this name. But it has been made popular as it is the name of a main character on a children’s cartoon since 1996. (4) Bentley is a (mostly) male name. Bentley is of English origin and means From The Bent-grass Field. The alternate spellings for Bentley are: Bently. Bentley was made popular by the birth of Bentley Edwards in 2008 featured on the Mtv reality show 16 And Pregnant.

08. tattoo-design-name-cody-05Cody is a male name of English origin. It means Descendant Of Oda. It is an Irish surname. The alternate spellings are: Codey and Codie. It has been the name of countless movie and television characters.

09. tattoo-design-male-name-christopher (2)Christopher is a very popular male name that means: Christ-bearer. It is of Greek origin. The alternate spelling for the name Christopher is: Cristopher. There are many actors with this name
including: Christopher Reeve who was an actor/writer and Christopher Walken who is a well known actor.

10. tattoo-design-male-name-zachary (4)Zachary is a male name that means: God Has Remembered. Zachary is of Hebrew origin. The alternate spellings for this name are: Zackery, Zackary, Zachery and Zakery. These are my picks for most beautiful names. What do you think?

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