world’s most beautiful language

Kiswahili is the most beautiful language in the world.
Swahili passes as the most beautiful language in the world!
‘Swa’ comes from the term Ziwa, meaning Ocean” for speakers of this language come from the coast-line of the Indian Ocean.325897
Today this beautiful language is spoken in many countries including China and Germany. English language has borrowed heavily from this language, due to its beauty. Words like Jembe, Ugali, Jambo have there origin in Kiswahili. May be the ability of Kiswahili to borrow from other languages makes more acceptable. Words like Shule,(school) Chaki (chalk), Shati (shirt) and supu (soup) are all borrowed from English. It is due to this that the internationally renowned broadcaster BBC has a Kiswahihili station. At Toronto University, we have a Kiswahili department in Linguistic department.
Kiswahili has unique musical sounds of Vowel – consonant – vowel – consonant – vowel’. Eg ( pikipki -motor bike, kifaranga – chick).aba590d7
Kiswahili wise sayings are quite interesting. You will get such sayings as;
1. Ukimuiga tembo kunia utapasuka msamba. (If you imitate an elephant at excreting, you will rapture your as).
Dua la kuku halimpati mwewe. (The weak shall always lose).do-swahili-is-an-international-language.jpg
Kiswahili has a rich culture embedded in its poetry. You will be amazed by its style, rhythm, sensuousness, sensibility, and richness. Every line in a Kiswahili poem has equal number of syllables and end with the same syllable.These poems form the basic for Kiswahili songs.
The most exciting thing about Kiswahili is that you do not have to be eloquent in it; you just need a smattering of it – Jambo (Hi), mimi(me), wewe(you), nataka(l want), chakula(food), etc. It is amazing how tourists quickly pick up these words and lines from those tourist “quick learn” and use these words to get by.i
Kiswahili Music is probably the best. Fondly referred to as Taarab’ is enjoyed at social functions with very helpful moral teachings. Dancing to this Kiswahili rhythms is the easiest thing you ever can think of.
Due to its beauty, Kiswahili is the main language of business throughout Eastern African. It is not only examined in schools but is also regarded as part of the items in its speakers’ cultural basket.
Speakers of Kiswahili are named after places, seasons and objects. Waridi is a name derived from flower, Baraka from “luck’ and Jabali from ‘stone’. Objects are names after the sounds they produce, eg, pikipiki (motor-bike), tetemeka (shiver).SwahiliLanguageInfographic_51236d21dcf0e_w1500
The other unique thing about Kiswahili is that all people are neither ale or female. This is unlike in other langages where sex is denoted by ‘she’, and ‘he’.WBsuo8dk-large
Kiswahili language observes morality. Vulgar words that exist in other languages have no place in Kiswahili. The language does not entertain abusive, hurtful and below-the-belt semantics in any way.You can never get the equivalent of words like ‘fuck’, shit, ‘dick’ etc in Kiswahili. Only polite acceptable words like ‘ngono’, kinyezi and ‘mbaba’ are used to represent these concepts.
This beautiful language is spreading fast across boarders. One can learn it on-line. Kiswahili – English dictionaries are available on-line for those who may have interest in learning it.
Kiswahili is simply the most beautiful language in the world.

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