world’s most beautiful houses

1. The World’s Largest and Most Expensive House (Antilla, Mumbai):1.-Antilla-Mumbai-India
This house is owned by Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man. This house, located in Mumbai, is a 27-story house, costing over 2 billion dollars. Every level has different specifications built. This house was built with the idea of an Asian style indoor decor, as requested by his wife. Designed by Hirsch Bedner Associated, this house, or rather, skyscraper, requires extremely detailed planning for its design and uses a wide variety of luxurious materials.

2. England’s Most Important Private Residence (Updown Court, England): updown-court-england-collage
Costing over 85 million pounds, this house boasts an extreme amount of facilities exceeding those available in hotels. With 103 rooms, this house also has five swimming pools, a squash court, a tennis court, a bowling alley, a theater and a helipad. To top it off, the driveway is made of heated marble and the study’s mosaic floor uses 24-carat-gold leafing. The garage can fit up to eight limousines. This house’s beauty will make all in awe.

3. The United States’ Largest Home (Versailles, Florida): 10a44_versailles_house
The largest family home in US is a mansion containing 30 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. This house is equipped with a bowling alley, rollerskating rink and three swimming pool. This 75 million dollars house also has a garage fitting 30 cars, a baseball field, two tennis courts and three spas with a gigantic waterfall behind. There is also a two-story wine cellar, 10 kitchens and a grand hall. Additionally, this mansion also has two grand staircases and all the bathrooms have expensive decors, including a gigantic mahogany door and tripled paned windows. The largest house in US is certainly a marvel.

4. The World’s Best Ocean-facing Mansion (Manalapance Residence): vecher-villa-basseyn-4030
Considered as the best estate with an ocean view, this 5.5 acres, 3-story mansion successfully combined the designs of the past with today’s advanced facilities, creating a high degree of elegance yet luxury. Several of these facilities include a movie theater, a casino, a club room, a bar, a salon, a shark tank and a go-kart track. Those living there can also enjoy sports at the bowling alley, the tennis court or the gym. Having 14 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms and 18 garages, this 135 milllion dollars home is certainly the best one out there with a great ocean view.

5. The Most Luxurious Eco Home (Acqua Liana, Florida):swimming-pool-designs-of-acqua-liana-luxurious-green-house
Built by a real-estate artist, Frank McKinney, this
mansion is also environmentally friendly, an inconceivable concept at the start of the building. McKinney, inspired by his trips to several of the world’s most exotic places such as Bali and Hawaii, built a three-story mansion with seven bedrooms and 11 baths. This mansion uses reclaimed wood, saving up to 10 acres of the Brazilian forest. The mansion features solar panels with a total size of a basketball court, a water system which collects excess water to fill the swimming pool up to 14 times a day and lighting which conserves 70% electrical energy. It also has floating sun terraces, a waterfall spa with fire heating and a bar with an aquarium. This mansion may not exactly be environmentally friendly, but it is nevertheless an amazement.

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