World’s most beautiful horses

As a passionate girl about horseracing, I always thought that the world’s most beautiful horses are not in China or UK but it is in the Arabic countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar. I wouldn’t be surprised because these countries have been known for their excellent horses .Arab people are one of the oldest human who have developed horse breeds in a desert climate in a life marked by the nomadic style where horses have played a big role in their lives. Arabians have always fascinated me.

The relationship between human and horses is amazing, Horses have been present in human history since years. Horses are more than just animals.

The Arab horse finds its origin in Arabian Peninsula is one of the most oldest and recognized horse breed all around the world. It is greatly admired for its speed, intelligence and strength Today, Arabian horses are the most breed used in horseracing because they allow their jockeys to excel in these equine sports and activities.

Lately, many pictures of a breed horse known as Akhal-Teke who comes from Turkey have been circulating via social media websites. A beautiful horse known for its gold color and called by the “Golden Horses” has started making its way around social media outlets .The color is quite eye-catching. This horse is owned by the president of Turkmenistan Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedovarabian-horse-desert

Among 250 equine breeds known today in the world the Akhal-Teke horse and the Arabian horse are considered the most beautiful horses in the world. All these beautiful horses came from different origins but they still have one thing in common: uniqueness which makes them among the 10 most expensive horses all over the world .Actually, all the breeds are beautiful: The Blue Roan Gypsy Vanner Horse recognized for their leg feathering ,The Blonde Sorraia Mustang …ATBarabian-horse1

Horses have been domesticated for thousands of years, since that time many breeds have appeared .It’s so incredible how many breeds of horse exist and have unique characteristics (shapes, sizes, colors…)Al-Lahab

The Arabian horse is recognized with the coat colors, gray, occasionally black, roan and chestnut .It’s also the purest breed of horse who has a beautiful and unique appearances. It is popular worldwide. Due to their friendly nature, they are also used in therapeutic riding; this is what makes them different.Images-Cool-Backgrounds-Black-Arabian-Horse-e1378889961282

Many horses are so rare but unfortunately their origins are still unknown. Answering the question “Who’s the world’s most beautiful horse” is hard because these breeds are characterized by many things than their colors. The look is very important but it’s not everything in the equine world and the criteria of beauty change from one culture to another. The concept of beauty is really hard to define but from me no can beat the Arab horse. It’s powerful and beautiful at the same time. In fact, it’s not very expensive and we can find it everywhere. It can survive in many areas in the world; the climate is not a big problem for him. All these things should be taken into consideration.

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