World’s most beautiful handwriting

The hold of a pen tightly in my right hand between my thumb and index finger takes me back. Back to the afternoon that I was sad because my high school crush didn’t say hi to me when I got out of the house to buy groceries. Back to the nights I stayed up late to finish my homework. Back to the evenings in high school when our English teacher dictated countless of notes that we wrote in books that ended up getting thrown after we graduated from high school. Back to the mornings that I needed to put down the encouraging word for the day to get me going.7774058382_14da9f057a_o

We barely write these days not with how far technology has brought us. I miss those days sometimes when we wrote down what we felt down in our little blue books and confided in them. When having the best handwriting in class was a source of pride rewarded with prizes every time you were chosen. The small A’s had to be inside the line and the small G’s going through the bottom line but not touching the line above it. Writing down was art, with the strike of every pen meticulously done to get the best results out of it, a neat page beautifully presented.HandwrittenNoteDiscover_large

Handwriting, the best is the one that expresses what we feel when it becomes too much for and we need to put it down on paper. The one we can,t wait to see because it reminds us of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. That which puts into perspective our lives and shows us what we’ve been doing all along. The map that we want our lives to follow and the plan that we draw to be the guide in our journey is what the best handwriting does for us. We draw what we want, where we are now with the best handwriting.HandwrittenNoteDiscover_large

It stays with us what we write down with the handwriting that we use to put down what’s important to us.

What we write in the heat of the moment that calms us down. What is jolted down a midst tears with the hope of having a dry face at the end of that page is what the best handwriting does for us. Through the joyful and happy moments that take over us and overwhelm us, surprising us sometimes and often met with shock
are put down with our best handwriting. We live and breathe those times of our lives that we hold most dear, that mattered to us at that moment, that passed us by without our keen involvement with the best handwriting.T_Jaggert

The dark blue pen thrown carelessly on the table, the red pencil underneath the sofa, the black felt pen inside yesterday’s magazine and the yellow ink pen beside your laptop, pick it up and put down your best handwriting. Squeeze the pen tight and make today matter tomorrow when the best handwriting will see you to your future.

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