World’s most beautiful flower

Flowers are known to be the best and easiest way of expressing emotions and feelings. A beautiful flower has a way of triggering emotions since when you spot a beautiful flower you feel happy. Flowers are just a sincere way of lifting our spirits. A beautiful flower has the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face even when sick or when having the roughest day. Outlined is a list of the most beautiful flowers in the world:


1. Rose

Rose has been one of the most loved and popular flower among beautiful flowers for decades. It has quite a beautiful meaning that is known worldwide. Roses have a unique combination of fragrant blossoms and thorny stems which make them qualify to be prized as a unique symbol of perfection, completion and achievement. Roses are perennial plants and they have more than 100 species. A traditional rose can be identified by its dark red color and its long thorny stem. Different roses tend to symbolize a variety of things: white roses symbolize peace, purity, secret admirer and sanctity. Red roses symbolize passion and love. Pink roses symbolize innocence, first love and healing. Yellow roses symbolize mature love, joy and friendship.


2. Orchids

When it comes to beautiful flowers in the world it is impossible to leave out orchids. Orchids are one of the most delicate flowers yet very attractive and come in 250,000 different species. In appearance it symbolizes the anti-flower which has geometrical shaped petals which make them quite exotic. Orchids symbolize luxury, love, strength and beauty. Orchids are also considered to be ideal flower for the 14th wedding anniversary.


3. Daffodils
Daffodils are attractive beautiful golden flowers that have long stems and they are quite synonymous with spring. Daffodils symbolize fresh start and renewal. Daffodils have a number of meanings; it symbolizes forthrightness, forgiveness and honesty. Chinese believe that daffodils symbolize fortune and they always celebrate whenever a daffodils blooms.


4. Marigold

Marigold is not only one of the most beautiful flowers in the world it is also very common and popular. The marigold blooms in various colors yellow, orange, gold and white. They also have a maroon outline that makes them appear more attractive. Marigolds are normally associated with sunlight hence the bear a positive meaning. However it is also linked with negative qualities like sorrow, jealousy, grief and cruelty.

5. Lavender

Lavenders have a spike like shape and are composed of elegant stems as well a number of florets. They are found in various colors violet, light purple and blue. They are well known for their beauty, size and smell. Lavenders symbolize luck, purity, silence and devotion. They are commonly given to people as a symbol of wishing them wisdom, luck and wealth. Purple lavenders symbolize elegance, refinement and royalty. Lavender also tends to promise new adventure.

Beautiful flowers have the ability to grace any occasion since they have a language of their own. They are perfect for anniversaries, weddings, graduation ceremonies, birthdays and so on. Flowers can even grace religious occasions since some flowers also have religious significances.

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