world’s most beautiful fish

5. Trigger Fishgiant-trigger-fish-don

Trigger fish are a nasty species. They are known to charge and bite any intruders known to approach their nest. However, they are highly sought because they display a brilliant combination of colors. From yellow to white to crystal blue to emerald green, trigger fish of different types show astounding combinations of colors that have led to the downfall of this species. They are now being bred in captivity to avoid any great impacts on the wild species. They have the ability of squirting water from their mouth to sandblast the ocean debris, allowing them to feed on worms or crabs.

4. Paracanthurusi

We all loved Ellen DeGeneres’ Dory in Disney’s Finding Nemo, so much so that the sequel Finding Dory’ is hitting theaters soon. Dory is a Paracanthurus, technically a Paracanthurus hepatus, a royal blue colored fish with a flat body and bright yellow colored tail. This fish is poisonous to humans, but gives off a strong tempting odor to other fish, resulting in its use as a bait fish. It’s no surprise that the largest use, however, is for aquarium trade. It uses its sharp spine as a means of protection against predators, flailing and cutting them in the process

3. French Angelfishi

The French angelfish is one of the larger species of angelfish found along the coast of the Bahamas, Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean. These are usually found in pairs near Gorgorians (also known as sea fans). These fishes are usually black in color with a yellow face and periphery, however, what makes them pretty to look at are the small sea wave- like yellow designs against a background of black on their sides. They mainly feed on sponges.

2. Blueface Angelfishi

The blueface angelfish is one gorgeous fish. With a dynamic color setting of blue, yellow and black all creating an intricate lattice that shines green from various light settings. The deep blue face has an orange or bright yellow mask. The most distinct feature about this fish is a deep blue spot on its dorsal fin that has a light blue border. The intensity of the hue of blue is remarkable. These fish can grow up to 38 cm in length. The juvenile form looks completely different with black, blue and white stripes on its body, a crystal blue periphery. These fish are omnivores, and eat a wide variety of sponges.

1. Juvenile Emperor Angel Fishi

The juvenile emperor angel fish looks like something straight out of a windows media player visualization screen. With electric blue and black rings radiating from the center of each side, these fish differ completely from the adult form which has yellow and blue stripes, and are in comparison, far less exciting. The face changes color as does the rest of the body during maturation and sometimes during mating season as well. The rings radiate from the dorsal fins outward towards the head. It is mainly found along Coastal East Africa, and the Red Sea in the west along the Tuomato islands and Line Islands.

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