World’s most beautiful dresses

In this fast growing world, along with time there came a wide range of change in the people and their living style as well dressing. Basically when we see a person, we get a picture of his character on the way how he dressed. When an interviewer who has to interview a person with no formal dressing and with foolishly combed hair will get irritation as soon as he see him.Even he have so many good qualities, his mind wont allow him to give job to such person. When there is some growth of technology and machinery, Creative brains started working and made people to think in all the possible ways.There came a wide variety of dressing from innovative thoughts.most-beautiful-wedding-dresses-in-the-world-10

If we go across the world and see they are so many wide variety of beautiful dresses.Traditional .Western etc. Boys in western and girls in traditional dressing was the trend in many countries few decades before.Now girls also started wearing western dresses and they look more and most beautiful in that than beforeSo now the point which arises here is, is there any uniformity created in this world for all purposes? Yes it is, there is one system and that made possible because of world’s beautiful dresses which play a wide role in this system. Marriage is the biggest memory in the life span of human being, So everybody wants it to be the most memorable moment of their lives.The bride and bride groom neatly dressed in the beautiful wedding dresses and celebrate the occasion with friends and relatives , the dresses they wore brings a fresh start to their life. To take the examples of the dignitaries of the countries , they are specially appointing designers for their dressing style. Narendra modi prime minister of India is the person known for his dressing sense , as soon as we see him we get completely attached to him. That is the power of Dressing.nevestinski-fustan-nov-15

Basically to judge a person whether he is good or bad and etc etc , what we do we just go and have a small talk later we become friends and ultimately we come to know about that person but before all these first impression is the best impression when we see a person with good looks neatly dressed ,as soon as we see him our minds think of talking with him/her.ln teenage all boys and girls fell in love , if a girl neatly dressed comes before a boy and asks something we show utmost interest to give answers.The boy surely fells in love it is just because of her dressing sense.nevestinski-fustan-nov-15

Dressing is like therapy,people feel better when they have made an effort to dress can make anybody impressed and in real life dressing made so many lives settled.people started their lives with beautiful dressing and few got career opportunities when they went neatly dressed.8579aec1449e2ddd49aa84dfefc6be4c

So I conclude that fashion is not about what you wear,but how you wear and where you wear it.and style is a way to say who you are without having any talks.In so many instances Dressing is the best revenge.Life is beautiful with beautiful dressing.The-Most-Beautiful-Wedding-Dress-In-The-World

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