World’s most beautiful drawing

If you have successfully ignored any accusations of being a modern-day ‘snob’ and the ridiculous assumption that any interest in the world’s most beautiful drawings is entirely an aristocratic affair, allow me to indulge your epicurean appetite…in 8 minutes.

It is hard enough to properly appreciate all the great works of draftsmanship, let alone coming up with a top 5 list of the world’s most beautiful drawings. The artistic eyes see differently, and so do the consumers of art. Here are (arguably) 5 of the world’s most beautiful drawings;

1. Degas-Edgar-Head-of-a-Young-WomanHead of a young woman” ~ Leonardo da Vinci (1931)This painting has already received enough accolades and even declared one of the world’s most beautiful drawings. The painting has often been described as “imperfect”, a quality that intensifies the artists inguisitive hand that will not settle on a single perspective of being or doing.

2.Öèôðîâàÿ ðåïðîäóêöèÿ íàõîäèòñÿ â èíòåðíåò-ìóçåå Gallerix.ruThe Wedding at Cana” ~ Paolo Veronesse (1563)This piece is a brilliant piece of art by virtue of the striking depiction of one of history’s greatest miracles by Jesus Christ as He turned water into wine. If you have any doubt that it is indeed one of the world’s most beautiful drawings, consider that it has had to be restored several times after successive plundering in the middle ages. It was beautifully done, standing at a massive 262 by 390 inches!

3.1280px-Van_Gogh_-_Starry_Night_-_Google_Art_ProjectThe Starry Night” ~ Vincent Van Gogh (1889)Vincent Van Gogh barely lived to see his 40th birthday. A strange man who cut off his ear, but also a prolific painter with more than 2,000 paintings to his name. The Starry Night is easily on of his most recognized works. He was awestruck by a moment, a view of the countryside from his window. It is one of the world’s most beautiful drawings; an oil-on-canvas piece with a beautiful star-filled night sky (including the morning star) and a large moon. It also includes a stunning view of the a village, contrived out of his imagination.

4. vista-wallpaper-treeThe Tree of Life” ~ Gustav Klimt (1909)Housed at the museum of applied arts in Austria, Vienna, the tree of life features one of the best uses of the mosaic technique by a contemporary artist. Indeed, this painting has become an important symbol in many mythologies, philosophies and even theologies as a representation
of the connection between heaven and earth. The painting is unique in that, the artist successfully used gold paint with the traditional oil-painting techniques, producing a epicurean feel, making it one of the world’s most beautiful drawings. It is easy to stay glued at the painting, gripping your mind as you try to figure out its possible meanings.

5. i-and-the-village-1911I and the Village” ~ Marc Chagalllt is doubtful if any other artist has used cubism to produce one of the world’s most beautiful drawings such as Marc Chagall, one of the most respected Jewish (Russian-turned-French) artists. Indeed, he painted “I and the village” almost immediately he moved to Paris, which was an urban depiction of the childhood memories of his native community. At a glance, the painting seems like an abstraction or a merging of several images in a geometrical structure which are, of course, formed by the broken panes cubism. It features peasants and animals living side by side.

Other important works that should appear in any list of the world’s most beautiful drawings include; “The View of Toledo” by El Greco and “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci.

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