World’s most beautiful dolls

Girls are the world’s prettiest dolls. The dolls of real life, yes! the girls. A girl or a woman plays an important role in one’s life. A mother who is the first woman in our life, the one who brings us to existence and up brings us. She guides us the right way always and help us become a successful person in our lives. Then comes the sister who loves us. We share our childhood with our brothers and sisters. They support us at every point of our life and be with us and respect our decisions. Real-life-dollThen comes the wife. The most important girl who shares almost all of her life, each and every moment with us. A wife is our best partner who stands with us every time in all our decisions;however big or small. Nowadays a woman finds it really difficult to get a reputed place in our societies. Whether in any role, she is the only person who lives her life for others. We easily say that this is 21st century and we live in a modern world. Our way of living has changed. But if we take a serious look, are we actually modern in case of our thinking too? The answer is a big NO! No we are still lagging far behind.maxresdefault

One can easily find a couple of cases of female foeticides, dowry acts, eve teasing, sexual harassment, rapes and many more in daily newspapers and on news channels. This shows us what value we are providing to these precious “dolls of the real life”.Taking birth as a woman can be said to be a curse for the women.The image of a women in the male dominating society is fading everyday. She not only gets discrimination and a filthy behavior from men but also gets dominated. We can see that in many rural areas where there is a lower literacy rate, mindset of men is still in the webs of orthodox-ism. Domestic violence is a normal activity in rural areas. This not only resists the development of that area but also back lags the development of a nation. In most developing countries these crimes are still prevalent. On the other hand if we see in developed nations female and males have equal status in the society. Women get reputed jobs, a social status and respect.tumblr_inline_msfclqzyNJ1qz4rgp

This is a high time when we should understand their importance in our lives. We should understand that without a woman we can’t even gain existence. We must join hands together against the crimes and should take out campaigns to make them aware about the advancement of society. Proper laws and orders must be implemented to empower the women. Spreading awareness is the only way we can bypass through this social
weakness. Men should give equal importance to women. Real-life-dollThey should not consider them weak in any aspect. A nation’s development lies in the hands of its citizens whether it is a boy or a girl. “SAVE GIRL CHILD SAVE THE NATION.”alodia_2

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