world’s most beautiful dog

There is an old adage that goes, aD’a dog is man’s best friend” This saying may just be a cliche as there has never been an appropriate description of the connection between human beings and these star-spangled awesome creatures. Many adjectives have been put forward to describe these domesticated animals, for example, protective, loyal, smart, playful and fun. A dog’s characteristic is truly populated with only positives according to writings and reviews. Let’s come back to the topic at hand. A dog’s beauty is almost certainly judged by the outlook. With that in mind, let’s lift the veil of mystery surrounding the world’s most beautiful dogs. The list is big, but we have whittled down to just 10. Here is the outline;

1. The Pugi.jpg264

Its origin dates back in the 16th century where it was brought to Europe by the Chinese. The House of Orange in Holland popularized the breed in Europe. This breathtakingly gorgeous dog is characterized by a curled tail and a short-muzzled wrinkly face. In addition, it has a fine glossy body coat with varied colors, most commonly black and fawn and to top it all off, it has well-build muscles and compact body. The breed still rules the world in the 21st century as it is owned by most celebrities and associated with the British royal family

2. The Pomeraniani

As the name suggests, it originates from the Pomeranian region in Germany. It is famously referred as the toy dog as it has absolutely awesome traits ranging from fluffy, attractive and incredibly cute. The Pomeranian was made popular by monarchies in Europe as it was mostly preferred as the official pet dog. Its excessively plumed tail and its pooch character puts it on top of the list of the world’s most beautiful dogs.

3. The poodle


For the preceding 7 centuries, this dog breed has been the jewel in the crown for most Europeans. This elegant dog was initially domesticated in ancient Germany and comes in different forms, for example, miniature, toy and standard. Traditionally, poodles have been working dogs and show dogs. This is mainly due to an array of color designs that can be applied on its fur. This remarkable dog truly deserves the most beautiful dog tag

4. Doberman PinscherDobermanPinscher_cutout

The dog was originally bred in the 1890 by a German tax collector, Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman, to be precise. With a potent appearance, it has received worldwide acclaim as being a companion and a loyal dog. Doberman is overwhelmingly outstanding and come in an array of different colors, for instance, brown, black, blue, red and fawn. The intimidating characteristic makes it perfect for a guard dog.

5. Siberian huskySH

The real reason why this breed makes it to the list of world’s most beautiful dogs is its multi-colored and largely blue eyes. Seeing these dogs in a group is an exciting spectacle contributed by attractive face mask, dazzling fur that comes in copper red and black color. Siberian winter is so harsh and that’s why the Flusky has a double coat of fur to mitigate the effects of the severe weather plus the fur is reflective to the summer sun. These dogs were actually brought to Alaska from Siberia in early 1800 and were chiefly used to pull sleds in the snow terrains.

6. Saint Bernard1280x720-_CE

An amazing dog breed characterized by huge shag fur and drool. In spite of its sheer size, it is most revered by humans because it is a working dog. It was originally a rescue dog in Italy and Switzerland and it was commonly used for carrying barrels of brandy.

7. The Shih Tzu1384

Quintessential^ Chinese and has attractive traits like long silky fur and small size. It’s basically as show dog as the long fur trailing the ground can be woven into attractive designs. It qualifies as a household dog due to the small size.

8. The Persian Grey Hound (The Saluki)saluki-dog-dog-puppy-site

The Saluki is quite a remarkable dog breed and walks with a high degree of self-esteem. Its tail and ears have flimsy extension of cozy fur and this makes this breed truly upper-class. The artistic of this magnificent breed captures the attention of passers-by and that’s what ranks the Saluki among the world’s most beautiful dog.

9. The Catahoula Leopard doggibbs-the-catahoula-leopard-dog-mix-2_66445_2012-06-19_w450

Northern Louisiana is the home origin of this breed. Used mainly to trail wild dog and capture them. It is a tough well build breed hence the nickname, the hog dog. The Catahoula is huge, utterly unbelievable appearance with varied body colors and patterns which will stun your senses. Its personal appearance varies and that òàêàÿ this broad uninua

10. American Bulldogamerican-bulldog

Closes the list of the world’s most beautiful dogs. The American Bulldog is regarded highly by its keepers. Its character and strength separates it from the pack. The breed has unique traits of fulfillment and confidence. The American Bulldog is separated into two types, the bully and the standard kinds both with different characteristics. They are both beautiful but the standard kind is lighter and shorter.

If you are contemplating buying an elegant dog, this list of the world’s most beautiful dogs will suffice. You will be spoilt for choice. The list, of course, can go on and on but this is the perfect outline.

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