World’s most beautiful country

The most beautiful country in the world is Italy.with its being strategically located in Europe and its being the centre for catholic religion,it’s no doubt the most beautiful country in the world.Italy has 20 regions out of which five are autonomous which include;Friuli-Venezia Giulia,Aesta valley,Trentino-Alto Adige,Sicily and has a land which covers at least 294,020 square kilometres with a population of 62 million as of 2011.italia7

One of italy’s astonishing and amazing features is its mountainous region (valle d’Aosta).this is where there is a few of alps mountain peaks which are the world’s beautiful peaks ever.The peaks include the gran paradiso,the monte Rosa,the matterhorn and monte Bianco which are surrounded by national park where you can see wildlife.

Italy also is home of Florence city which is one of the world’s most toured cities and the most expensive to stay.This is because the city houses world’s most famous monuments and museums that are filled with beautiful arts and scriptures.this make the city to house the largest number of tourists all year round.The museums are equipped with more stunning artwork and display of the present museum depicts of present lifestyle of people who life in ancient days and their culture.

The Florence city also has Uffizi gallery which is one of the largest gallery in Europe with masterpieces done by Leonardo da Vinci,Botticelli,raffaello.This city also has the cathedrals and churches with it being the home of pope (who heads the catholics).With millions of catholics flocking the city every week for masses,its indeed the place to visit.10548

Italy has also attraction to people who love skiing with it worlds class has amazing slopes all over the North eastern which are known as has also a spectacular set of speaks that run through the area.This attracts many investors both locally and international investors to build in the area with a lot of hotels and holiday apartments.59522308

The middle of the country which include Tuscany,flanked by Umbra and Marche is characterized by fertile land,rolling hills and valleys.This make Tuscany to attract at least 10 million tourists annually.The central part also has a great history such as Puccini,Galileo,Leonardo Da vinci,Michelangelo,Botticelli and Dante derive from Tuscany.The Tuscany has the world’s most famous wines and vast arrays of world’s heritage sites.69082-Margo

The other beautiful site in Italy which is mostly preferred by most people doing wedding or on honey moon is Sorrento.This has a mixture of historic sites and the natural beauty of the sea.Its where waves create the softest foams in the coastline.Its with this and many more that there is no doubt that Italy is the most beautiful country in the world.The country has also an ancient history since it houses the headquarters of cathedral .With the mixture of nature,religion and man made features,its the destination to tour and the best place you will ever be.

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