World’s most beautiful cake

Ever since I was a little girl,I have always dreamt for a princess perfect wedding with all the magical moments including the world’s most beautiful cake.I suppose almost every girl dreams about the same in their own unique way with their own small inclusions expecting nothing but perfection on probably the most important day of their life.most-beautiful-birthday-cake-in-the-world-for-girls-pxjtturiMany a baked beauties have flashed right before my eyes throughout my lifetime each time with a different pictorial representation each unique with its own specifications.Imagine a simple vanilla cake with the classy laces which cover each layer and at the top a traditional couple in their wedding attire,or a lavender coloured cake with beautiful purple tulips.I suppose the world’s most beautiful cake has a different aspect in each mind some concerned with the taste others with the style of dressing but for me it usually brought only one thing on the top of my mind,the most auspicious day in a person’s life-his/her wedding day.
I suppose this is the dream which lead me to the path of professional baking.I own a small and homely cake shop near the corner of a small street with a friendly neighbourhood.My day basically starts with a strong and arousing smell of fresh batch of pastries every morning. Speaking of wedding cakes I myself have baked around 49 of those on particular orders and each slightly different from other.The baking is usually not the hard part;as much getting to know what the couple needs particularly the bride.But each time when I would deliver the cake on their reception,the happiness of the couple is evident from their smiles and the sense of satisfaction which I receive is beyond leaps and bounds.rhrjf9i
As a job of a professional baker I need to keep myself updated with on going trends in the baking industry,taste of the current generation and many more. Many of my friends have often had cake many a times and have been tempted to say that they have tasted heaven.Many a times it is difficult to accept the harsh truth.Even me at times have eaten the smoothest pastry but I suppose my active subconscious mind often held me from saying that this is the most epic cake I have ever tasted.I knew that these cakes might be far above par than my wedding cake but I knew that I couldn’t let a smooth delicious piece of pastry disfigure my picture-perfect childhood dream.I would always brag in the same way,if this the nicest pastry you guys had just wait for my wedding.graduation-cake
Finally the day had arrived of which i dreamt about entire life;my wedding day.Everything was as planned,my fiance’ knew this is the kind of thing a girl usually plans from the very beginning and so he let me plan the entire wedding the way I was a beautiful outdoor ceremony with close friends and family,the flowers decorated neatly as planned,the band playing my favourite songs,the waiters serving my favourite delicacies.I was looking spectacular in a beautiful white gown and most importantly the world’s most beautiful cake which a red velvet three layered classic lace decorated one.I had to admit that I had reserved this design specially for my day which I corrected over the years.As I walked the aisle I heard a humongous thunder and I knew this was the cake, suddenly all my dreams shattered with that sound.rhrjf9iThe groom held me tight and it took me a while to realise that he had probably scarified his dreams for mine; he was supportive in every way.Despite of that distorted cake put together I looked at the couple on the top and realized that in every wedding it is the happiness of the couple just being together was what brought out a smile and not my baked cakes.The same smile brightened my face and I realized the cake might not be perfect but if the occasion of me being with my partner is what this cake symbolizes then this is definitely the world’s most beautiful cake for me…

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