world’s most beautiful breast

Breasts don’t lie, so they say. Ask anyone and you’ll see. Men are more attracted with women’s breasts than any other part of their body. Not even brains. It’s funny, right? Not really.

The World’s most Beautiful Breasts It has been claimed before, and at least most women will agree, that women’s breasts are the greatest attraction for men. This is probably the reason why most women are today, either consciously or unknowingly, becoming conscious about keeping their assets intact. Well, nature bears the blame, bearing in mind that almost a three-third of men look at when they see a woman is their breast. This precisely why the world’s most beautiful breast category gains its justification, not to mansion preliminary studies that illuminate women’s breasts as the greatest turn on for men. You definitely want to have a picture of what your breast should look like to appear in the world’s most beautiful breast category. Before we go to the ‘quins’ of the category, let’s have a quick flash of the most important facts.scarlett751600x1200

The World’ Most Beautiful Breast: Quick Facts

What is it that define the world’s most beautiful breast? Does it have to with size? Is it the shape? Fact 1: Guess what? Unlike the traditional belief, the shape is the most important consideration in gauging your qualification for the world’s most beautiful breast. Truth be told, men cherish the shape of a woman’s breast than their size. And this typically involves the graceful and balanced outlook of the nipples, texture, color, cleavage, and so forth. Fact 2: Flowever, you should not rule yourself out only because you have large breasts. In fact, men in Western countries have a thing, rather a fetish for bigger breasts. Flowever, for those living in Easter countries, having large breast may juts be the major dream killer, especially for those who wish to have the bragging right of having the world’s most beautiful breast.dfbece86e64954569f9fb266fe052505

You must have realized by now that having the world’s most beautiful breast is harder than it looks. Maybe even the concept is too complicated, and you are beginning to conceptualize the doctrine of ‘the world’s most beautiful breast” as a vague one, made of objectives that are impractical.tumblr_lgvj1pBlxA1qb5ctvo1_1280

Well, I thought it would come to this, so I listed the five who exist at the top of the world’s most beautiful breast category. Simple to state,Kim Kardashian owns the world’s most beautiful breasts, and this explains her popularity among the Flolywood socialites. Apart from being the richest reality star in 2010, Kim Kardashian features in the top-10 list of the most attractive women on earth. And what gives her all this? Well, that is for you to answer…kim-kardashian-armenian-beauty-part-ii-megapost-x-145-3-bonus-photo-sessions-13

Lindsay Lohan is the second in the world’s most beautiful breasts category. Her bra size is said to be 36-DD, just 4-DD less than Kim Kardashian’s. Interesting to note her is that Lindsay Lohan’s breast are real. The curves had developed way before she became a model and a pop singer. Salma Hayek earns an 8 out of 9 with her 36-C sized breast. Megan Fox’s and Scarlett Johansson shine as women with the world’s most beautiful breast. All of these women appear as the most beautiful celebrities in the world, and their breasts have all to do with it.tumblr_nqvajprTcZ1tlix2so1_1280

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