world’s most beautiful boy

Everyone says that women are the pretty humans, not men. Female sex should be beautiful, elegant, a person that everyone wants to look at. It’s expected from ‘the pretty sex’ that it should take care of itself. Make-up, clothes, appearance – that’s all very important for women. However it doesn’t always mean that we can’t find really handsome men with beautiful faces everyone would like to have. They do like to take care of themselves which leaves them with even better and prettier appearance.

That’s why we prepared the TOP 5 of most beautiful men on the planet and her it is.

5. On the fifth place there could be no one else but Chase Crawford. He got popular by playing Nate Archibald in famous TV teen series. Adored by every character and an audience. And no one can blame them. With the pretty face of an actor, many girls could feel insecure. He’s aged 30 years old but still looks like a cute boy from the neighborhood.e1c56e392ea3926687808368ab7407ba

4. Another rather handsome boy is Douglas Booth. An actor and a model. He’s ideal boyish face is pretty to look at so probably that was the reason for choosing him to model for Burberry. He took a part in many campaigns of this famous fashion designer brand which made him recognizable all around the world.Ekranizaciya-klassiki-Romeo-i-Dzhuletta

3. Jamie Campbell Bower. Who doesn’t know him? An amazing actor with an amazing face. He played in few of the most popular bestseller movies of our times. Harry Potter series and of course Twilight Saga – that are the movies he’s most recognizable from. Aged only 26 years old and born in England he has all of the charm of British boys.tumblr_n24szk1Ldk1ql5hv8o1_r2_500

2. Alex Pettyfer is another man with boyish face many would die for. His blonde hair and childish face make him look like an angel. He’s mostly an actor but he was doing some modelling jobs as well. Especially in his young years when he needed money for his travels and adventures. He was a model for a Burberry, on of the most exquisite fashion brands in the world. After that he became an actor, playing in few movies that helped him become a popular person. Some of those movies as Stormbreaker, I am number Four and recently The Mortal Instruments.024

1. The most beautiful boy should be someone with an amazing face, amazing features but amazing story as well. That’s why I think Omar Borkan Al Gala should be titled the most beautiful boy on the planet. World heard about him after he attended one of the cultural events in Saudi Arabia and has been forced to leave. What was the reason? He’s too pretty and women could find him irresistible. That’s why police removed him from the event causing quite an affair. When media found out that there is the most beautiful boy in Saudi Arabia, everyone wanted to know his name and of course his face. In the end a man has been deported from Saudi Arabia which caused wonders for Omar who’s more popular than ever.4_1

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