world’s most beautiful bird

We can not deny that the bird species have been being one of the beautiful species in the world. Some of them have been in-dangerous animal because of the population day by day decreased. Take a look 5 world’s most beautiful birds, how beautiful they are.

1. Colorful Rainbow Lorikeeti

Beautiful bird which is known Rainbow Lorikeet has colorful feather like the morning rainbow. You can find all of rainbow colors on its feather. Australia, the habitat of the bird can be nice place to visit if you want to see them in the real habitat, Pacific island, Australia. It is also known as the most beautiful visual of birds in the world. It is weird with some cases the villagers there declare Rainbow lorikeet is pest. They do not only fly in group and attack fruits, but also they produce the crowded voice. Whatever they eat, this birds are categorized as one of world’s most beautiful bird.

2. Cute Golden Pheasanti

Golden Pheasant is the next world’s most beautiful bird with colorful feather. Light yellow on the head like tuft decorates perfectly for crown. Its tail also looks so cute with the long feather hanging down. It transform to me more wonderful bird when the bird’s wings are ready to fly. Meanwhile, the body is filled with the beautiful red and more than other 5 colors. Its habitat is in West China but you can find some in England.

3. Amazing Scarlet Macaw4201257100_69534d6d41_o

If you had never seen Scarlet Macaw, great action movie of pirate by Long John Silver used this bird to accompany his action. This is big beautiful bird with bright colors and long tail. Red and blue combined with yellow and metallic gold can be found on its body. Meanwhile, its face is filled by white feather dominated. It is amazing creation of God. Tropic region of America is the habitat of this bird. They can produce the beautiful and loud voice to call others. It also has pride because they can copy cat the people voice.

4. Bali Bird of ParadiseBali+Bird+Park

There are many kinds of Bird of Paradise, most of them have perfect colors. Smooth feather with bright yellow on male looks like a long hair covered the head. Moreover with the light yellow of the tail. It promises the admiration to the eyes. Unfortunately, now the population of this Birds is in dangerous. The beautiful feather is being the beautiful accessories which is the most wanted by some hunters. This species can be found in tropic forest and most of them found in New Guinea island.

5. Stork Billed Kingfisherstorkbilledkingfisher

Bird with the name Stork Billed Kingfisher also has the beautiful feather colors. It is one of world’s most beautiful birds, the big peak sometime makes this bird looks like the bird killer. However, this bird is like other bird which is cute and awesome. They live in tropic forest closed with lake, river or beach. With his big beak, this bird also known as big beak kingfisher. They eat fish and some insects.

They are, 5 world’s most beautiful birds which will make you amazed.

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