world’s luckiest man

We all wants to be lucky in our lives and we do need a good luck for every task that we perform.But it is not necessary that we all do have a same luck and will definitely achieve success in the task that we perform.We do require hard work to become lucky at times but it is not applicable for all of us, some people do get lucky without any hardwork or we can say they are born with charming or great luck.Every person wants his/her good luck to favour.We all do believes that whatever we achives or fails in our lives, it is a part of good or bad luck.Let us see some of the stories of luckiest people on earth.frane_selak_1399014328
We all have heard about the person named Frane Selak, a music teacher is known to be the most luckiest person yet alived.He is known to escape death seven times,yes you all read it right seven times and that’s not enough luck for Mr.Frane Selak as he went to win lottery in 2003 worth ?800,000.We all can say that he is one of the most luckiest person yet alived on our planet, as he has defeated the death seven times in his lifespan, while riding a plane,a train or while traveling in bus and riding his own car,where he met the accident twice but all salute to his great luck which kept him escape for all death evils and kept him alive yet.After winning a lottery Mr.Frane Selak decided to give away the price money and he decided to led a simple life, he even sold his luxury house and love to live in a smile lifestyle He is also known to be the luckiest unlucky man to be ever lived.
Mr.Selak is not only the luckiest person known.20140205215138

There are various other incidents that shows us that luck and fortune favors some other too,we have N numbers of stories of some of the lucky people defeating death twice or thrice or winning a lottery many times in their lifespan, whenever they bought a ticket.Maarten de jonge,Anders Helstrup,Joan Ginther are some of the names that are known to be luckiest names on our planet.PHI+Lotteryr2_h3MeE4EA9_orig_51c3444b
It’s just a true story of some of the people that tells us the luck favouring in our lives, but apart from these stories we all should learn to do hardwork in our lives as hardwork tends to change our luck and right efforts in right directions can change the fortunes.Anders Helstrup

One should also consider the fact that luck will not always be good all times,it can be bad too.We have seen the power of luck and fortune in all above stories and names and we have also seen the same in movies and fiction story too.But one should also learn to be change themselves when luck favours them as it is not necessary that everyone of us will favour the great luck as Frane Selak.

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