World’s longest python

The world’s biggest python is Medusa and was found to be, 7.67 m (25 ft and 2 in.) long. Medusa is now owned by Full Moon Production’s Inc. in Kansas, Missouri, USA. Medusa was measured on, October,12,2011. She required 15 men to all hold her so she could be measured. Medusa is a Reticulated python-named because of it’s grid like pattern of skin. Medusa’s diet includes hogs,rabbits, and deer. She has even eaten a 40 lb deer in one sitting. When Medusa was weighed she was found to be, 350 lbs. Reticulated pythons are very good at swimming and it is a natural talent to these snake’s. Medusa is housed at” The Edge Of Hell Haunted House” in Kansas City. The people who own the haunted house can tell that Medusa knows when it’s showtime because she goes into performance mode. Longest-Snake-in-the-WorldPerformance mode is when Medusa gets very still so people can walk by and get a good glimpse. To many Medusa is a showstopping snake and she is one big fella. The owners say that she purrs like a cat when shes happy and when shes angry she hisses. The previous record holder was also a Reticulated python named, Fluffy. Fluffy was measured on,101028_snakeSeptember,30,2009 and was measured to be 7.3 (24 ft) Fluffy then died at the Columbus Zoo And Aquarium,Powell,on, 26, October, 2010. Fluffy died at the age of 18. After they figured out about Medusa, she became the world’s biggest python. Medusa is very good t siting still so the guests at the haunted house can admire her and she is quite used to it to. Medusa is like a stage snake and she can let people watch her all day and she wouldn’t care. Medusa is very heavy from all the hings she eats and i would say she eats like an elephant. Medusa is an animal with pure talent inside and she sometimes acts like other animals because when shes happy she purrs like a cat and when she’s angry or frustrated she hisses. Medusa i kind of like a human. She hares her emotions by movements or noises like when someone gets angry we grunt and when were happy we smile and laugh. Medusa is kind of like a human and she even works to. If Medusa were human she would be a model because that’s what she does all day.Medusa sits all day in one position so she can be part of the act and she gleams because of the attention.So yes Medusa is the world’s longest python but she also an animal with feelings. She feels happiness, anger, sadness, but the reason why is because she is an animal with a heart. She makes many snake lovers happy and she enjoys it. Medusa is a ginormousmaxresdefault (2)
snake with feelings and a heart. She is a part of a haunted house in Kansas City and she loves being part of it because there she gets to project her feeling’s and always be happy to live where she is because thee she can live happily.Python_reticulatus_сетчатый_питон-2

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