world’s longest nails

What does one need to do to earn him an entry in the Guinness World of Records book? Well, that’s simple. Forgoing basic hygiene is one of them. Every normal man has nails that they regularly trim and polish. The reason why we have them could be…..we are all primates and like any other primates we biologically should have them. Well, stop trimming them .in 62 years time you could hit the chapters in the latter great book. Shridar Chilal, an Indian last cut his left-hand finger nails in 1952. So how long are his nails?


To be precise, Mr. Shridar’s nails measure 9meters (30 feet). In retrospect, when gas was 20 cents a gallon and Harry Truman was still on the throne, this man was still avoiding cutting his nails. Probably it is what he did best. As we all know, only the best get rewarded handsomely, so this man got in the records for doing the best and not cutting his nails.

There are myriad questions that reel in one’s mind after confronting the latter fact head-on. How does Shridar go about his daily round of normal chores? How does he receive his calls on the phone? How does he go about a simple act like splashing some water on his face? That sounds hard…..right? Not at all if you check on his runners up who had 6.5 meters long nails on both hands.

Lee Redmond (USA) had 8.65 meters long manicured nails on both hands! Unfortunately she lost her precious set of nails in an automobile accident. This ordeal that ended up robbing her precious set off happened in early 2009.


As Mr. Shridar puts it across, it is hard in the social grounds to have his nails so long. For instance, it was hard for him to get a job as most employers thought he is dirty. Besides that, walking around in town and finding a wife also is not such a simple thing for him.


Almost everyone likes their nails short and maybe polished. This however doesn’t make much importance to people like Shridar and Lee. It would be better for them to wake up every half an hour and move their hands gingerly to the other side of the bed and maintain the world’s longest nails. It seems to take such discomforts to have nails as long as theirs.


It is amazing how the thought that nails only grow straight is highly proved wrong here. The world’s longest nails all have grown into coils at the ends. The thumb nail as in Mr. Shridar has grown into a tight coil that seemingly makes his life even harder. It is mind boggling to think about how complex dressing up can get for him. Apparently, this could be of much worry to us, but absolutely not to him at all.


Letting the nails grow to such astonishing lengths is surely unbelievable. Maintaining these nails could prove even more complex. Getting your name in that great Guinness world of records book could not be that simple after all. Everything great comes with a cost and until you pay the cost fully, you may not enjoy the privileges thereof.

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