World’s longest man

Needless to say, every person in this world is unique to each other in different aspects. Some of these aspects would be the facial features, the social status, weight, and the height. This is the main reason why you can see short and tall people wherever you go. The big question is, are you fully acquainted about the world’s longest man? Better yet, can you name a few of those people who are recorded to be amongst those tallest individuals the world has to offer? Well, here are 5 of them:


1. Robert Wadlow – Robert Pershing Wadlow was the world’s longest man ever recorded in the history of the entire world. It can be confirmed by the Guinness World Records. His height was 8 feet and 11.1 inches. This American man was born in Alton, Illinois on February 22, 1918. In fact, he was called the “Giant of Illinois” and “Alton Giant”. The main reason why he had this abnormal height was the hyperplasia, which was seen in his pituitary gland. He lost his life at the very young age of 22.

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2. John Rogan – John William Rogan was the 2nd longest man in the world’s history with the height of 8 feet and 9 1/2 inches. This American man was born way back on February 16, 1865 in Hendersonville, Tennessee. It was when he was 13 years old when his height started to move as a sky rocket. Because of this, he suffered from a condition known as ankylosis. This particular health condition is characterized by the fusion of the bones, causing joints’ immobility. It was the reason why he can’t walk and just stayed in one corner all throughout his life.

3. John Carroll – This American man was the 3rd longest man in the world ever recorded. It was way back in the year 1932 when his mother delivered him to birth. He was born in Buffalo, New York. Before he died on 1969 in Lackawanna, New York, his height was recorded to be 8 feet and 7 1/2 inches. Acromegalic gigantism was the condition that made his height abnormal. Aside from that, he also suffered from the condition known as Kyphoscoliosis.

4. Leonid Stadnyk – This Ukrainian man who was born on August 5, 1970 had a record of 8 feet and 5 inches in height. He started to grow abnormally when he was 14 years old. It was after he underwent a brain surgery. This brain surgery caused a pituitary gland tumor, producing higher counts of growth hormones. His condition was then called as Acromegalic gigantism. He died on August 24, 2014 at the age of 44.maxresdefault

5. Vaino Myllyrinne – On February 27, 1909, the 5th longest man in the world was born. He was none other than Vaino Myllyrinne, who was a Finnish in nationality. He also suffered from the condition called Acromegalic gigantism that’s why he reached 8 feet and 3 inches in height. It was during his late 30’s when he started to grow rapidly. At the age of 54, this Finnish soldier died. His death can be dated back to April 13, 1963.

Those are the top 5 names that you need to remember when it comes to the longest men ever recorded in the world history. Their height is really not normal that must be considered.

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