World’s largest company

The size of a company is considered larger compared to others based on the following important elements: assets, revenues, profits and its market value. Assets refers to the business belongings.The more assets a company have, the more probability to remain in existence.The level of business claims or debts should be kept as low as possible. Assets can be categorized as either fixed or current. Fixed assets refers to those assets which cannot be converted easily to cash.Example of fixed assets are building,furniture,vehicles and the like.On the other hand, current assets are those assets which can be converted into cash easily,for example debtors,cash at bank and the like. Revenues refers to the gains received from any business activity. The volumes of the business revenues determines the company’s profitability. More revenues shows the company can easily offset its claims and still remain with a good profit. Market value of a business refers to the cost if it can be sold at the moment. It is influenced by the depreciation of assets. Thus to consider a company to be large,the above four items has to be analyzed. According to the latest statistics, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC ) has been ranked to be the largest company basing on the aforementioned items.Its main activity is engagement in the provision of commercial banking and financial services. The company’s headquarters is in Beijing,China having been founded early 1984. The company was ranked to be position 17 in terms of sales or revenues collected of $166.8 billion. On the side of assets, it is holding position 1 out of 2000 companies ranked with its assets valued at $3322 billion. Also, in terms of profit performed well to attain the second position with a profit of $44.8 billion. On the other important ranking element of market value, it is holding position 7 with the market value of $278.3 billion.

For its effective has the following areas of specialization: Personal Banking, Corporate banking. Treasury Operations and other important segments.

The personal banking provides personal loans especially to individuals,accept deposits from individuals, business cards activities and provide advise on wealth management. It also provides personal intermediary services.

The Corporate banking segment provides corporate loans especially to corporate bodies that requires large amount of loans. They also finance trading activities of businesses. They also accept deposits and custody of precious items like gold.Corporate wealth management and corporate intermediary services also falls under this segment.

Under the treasury operations segment,the company undertakes the following: investment securities,money market transaction, foreign exchange transactions and holding of derivative positions.

The other segments handled by the company includes leasing services as well as, assets,income,liabilities and revenue that are not related to any business segment.

The good performance of the company can be associated majorly to the vast economic growth in the country. Besides, the top management of the company has proven beyond reasonable doubt that their management skills and experience is worth.

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