World’s hottest city

No matter who or where we are, during summers we all have complained that the weather is too hot in his or her respective city Уis it really summer or am I being punished for some cardinal sin that I did and am not aware of??!!Ф this is something we all have thought or said at some point as many people claim that their city is the hottest city in the world or at least feels like it

So here are the top 5 hottest cities in the world and I guarantee you after seeing the temperatures here you would be counting your blessings and wiping the sweat of your forehead

youТre lucky you donТt reside here!

At number 10

Samail, PakistanNizwa_(7)

It has an average of 99 degrees Fahrenheit during the summers which is pretty darn hot but the people here do not mind as they are used to it by now I guess.

At number 9 we have

Kebili, Tunisiakebili_1

This city which is situated in Tunisia boast itself as a popular destination as it an oasis and attracts many tourist but little do they know that it can get very hot here in fact the highest temperature ever recorded in the African continent was done so in this city a whopping 131 degrees Fahrenheit in 1931 needless to say a
temperature that high is any touristsТ worst nightmare

At number 8

Marrakech, MoroccoMaroc_Marrakech_Jemaa-el-Fna_Luc_Viatour

Yet another beautiful tourist destination this city has lovely markets that both tourist and locals flock during the day though most of them prefer doing their shopping in the morning and staying indoors during the sunny afternoons

At number 7Iraq-Baghdad-Skyline-2

Al Azizia, Libya

Al Azizia was once the site of the hottest temperature recorded in the world and is still one of the hottest cities to live in with an average temperature of 100 degree Fahrenheit I surely wouldnТt want to live here

At number 6klong-toey-thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

An exotic tourist destination Thailand attracts millions of people throughout the year and its capital Bangkok is well known for its scorching summers along with many other attractions it provides and IТm not kidding about the heat giving an average of 100 degree Fahrenheit in the summers itТs one of the hottest cities to
step into but I guess the tourist arenТt complaining the city more than makes up for its severity.

At number 5north-america-texas-usa-united-states-america-dallas-skyline-skyscraper-DY8Y9W

Dallas Texas, United States of America

Dallas Texas, this place has a rustic feel about it and you are pretty much guaranteed to be poached under the Texas sun if you do not know how to beat the heat Dallas has an average of 96 degrees Fahrenheit in the summers and generally has a dry atmosphere and recorded its highest temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit 2 days in a row in 1980.

At number 4dallas-city-skyscrapers-at-night-dallas-texas-united-states-of-america-AMXNH9

Jizan, Saudi Arabia

Its situated at the bottom of Saudi Arabia Jizan has witnessed some incredibly hot summers with a temperature of up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit on an average.

At number 3Las-Vegas-Nevada-USA

Las Vegas, Nevada

Situated in Nevada America is the city of Las Vegas one of the most popular cities in the world that boast a nightlife that few others can live up to but it is the summer heat of the day that really test the people out
there temperatures on an average scale up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit during summers.

At number 2deathvalley1592

Death Valley, California

Yes the name sounds very intimidating and the temperatures this place can warm up to is even worse Death valley boasts for one of the hottest atmospheric temperatures ranging on an average between 105-115 degrees Fahrenheit this place would definitely a challenge to live in to say the least.

Finally at number 1 we have1384690619_timbuktu

Timbuktu, Mali

Situated near the Sahara desert Timbuktu has incredibly high temperatures the 130 degrees Fahrenheit being the highest temperature ever recorded and on an average temperatures reaching a minimum of 105 degrees on an average. I definitely wouldnТt want to be on the receiving end of such heat and IТm sure neither would you

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