world’s highest point

Highest point on earth is that specific location on earth which has a top most level or altitude with reference to the distance from the center of the earth to the top of the peak of the identified mountain. It is also the point which stands closer to outer atmosphere of the earth. As you all know the height of the mountains can be measured in three ways.

1.. By measuring its height from the base of the mountain to its summit.2. By measuring the height in feet above sea level.3. Thirdly by measuring the height of the mountain with respect to the distance from the centre of the earth.076116200_1429621510-9

But the highest point on the earth has to be surveyed and analysed scientifically and objectively, as you all know that earth is oblately spheroid in shape due to the centifugal force acting upon it because of its continuous rotation and revolution round it’s own axis and round the sun. In view of all the above mentioned parameters, the third measure is an appropriate way to identify the highest point on the earth. Hence after a thorough analysis and inspection, keeping all the parameter of the highest point in concern, the Chimborazo summit of the Andes mountain range is considered to be the highest point on the earth.chimborazo

We should also keep in mind that countries located close to the equator are a bit closer to space and moon when compared to countries and mountians located near the poles. This is the exact reason why rockets are launched near the equatorial regions. Hence in view of this as Eucadour is an equatorial country, Mount Chimborazo of Eucadour is considered much nearer to the moon and the space when compared to the other summits such as Mount Everest.chimborazo_drum_bc_unknown

Even though the summit of Mt. Everest was considered to be the highest point on the earth above sea level, keeping in view the location of the summit, the latitude of its origin and the diameter of the earth, it is rightly considered as the world’s highest point.The lofty summit of Chimborazo is a volcanic mountain range which has been inactive since 150 years from now.e36a512fe5b90101a88ae780e05256f8_XL

It is located on the Andes mountain range in Ecuador. Even though a volcanic mountain, the top potion of this summit is usually covered with glaciers, which acts as a source of water for many provinces of Ecuador, especially Bolivar and Chimborazo.The worlds highest point Chimborazo is formed due to volcanic eruptions, composing two older volcanic layers.



It has four peaks namely Nicholas Martinez, Whymper, Veintimilla and Politechnica. The volcanic eruptions that last took place in Chimborazo was dated back to 640 AD which is nearly 1,400 years ago. The events are dated as per the radio carbon dating. Although no volcanic eruptions have taken place on this world’s highest point, geologists through their research work have gauged that it may show active eruptions in the years to come.

The Chimborazo summit poses real challenges to mountaineers and Trekkers. The normal route to this world’s highest point usually takes 10 to 12 hours.

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