World’s highest man

Sultan Kosen a tukish national born on 10th December who holds the title for being the tallest living male at 251 centimeters(8 ft 2 34 in) .His record for being the tallest man comes from his pituitary gland which helps control growth, a tumour residing there. His posture of body is like that he uses crutches to walk and support. He lives along with his parents with his three male sibling and one female sibling all normal sized his rate of growth surged at age of 10 when a tumour in his pituitary gland caused release of too much growth hormones.550w_starsnaps_sultan_kosen Due to his height he was not able to continue his education therefore started working as farmer. Inspite of his height he enjoys his life like a normal human being. He points out some benefits of being tall like seeing a long distance, helps his family in domestic works like replacing curtains changing bulbs but he face some disadvantages too like not getting clothes, shoes of his size with approx 97 cm sleeves and finds it tough to adjust in an average-sized car.potd-tall_3104973k

He had undergone some treatment for his abnormal levels of growth hormones starting at 2010 Gamma Knife therapy at University of Virginia and also been provided treatment to hold his high and uncontrolled levels of growth hormones.Some attempts were made which failed and made University of Virginia’s doctor’s job harder as they were dealing with the most gigantic person, they put him on medication which helped control his growth hormones levels. Dr. Jason Sheehan (a brain surgeon in UVa) used gamma knife for attacking his tumour which was too deep in his brain and conventional surgery was out of scope. Gamma Knife technique used focused beams of radiations to attack tumour. The challenge with him was that doctor’s were not dealing with a normal sized person so special surgery equipment were flown from Sweden to perform surgery on his out-sized skull.His treatment almost took 2 years to show some progress and in 2011 it was observed his hormone levels got normal.In March 2012 it was confirmed that his treatment had helped in stopping his growth. In October 2013 he married Syrian born Merve-Dibo who is ten year’s younger than him.Tall3

Kosen’s height was judged and came to be 243 cm in Turkey by officials from Guinness World Records on 25th august 2009 he left former title holder Bao Xishun behind in the race of being tallest man who stands 236 cm tall. He also possess the record for 2nd largest feet and biggest hands at 27.5 cm. On 9th February his height was recorded by officials from Guinness World Records at 251 cm.Leonid Stadnyk a Ukrainian resident claims to be 10.5 cm tall than Sultan failed the attempt to defeat Sultan having the tallest man’s record cause he did not wanted to be judged by officials from Guinness World Records. As human bodies involves in expansion and contraction throughout the day therefore officials from Guinness personally visited Turkey to ensure correct measure of his height by judging his height three times in a day.

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