World’s healthiest man

What makes a man healthy ? maybe this is an important question that we should ask ourselves more often as we analyze our health.

It maybe one of the most sought after things in peoples lives,a healthy lifestyle will always remain the numero uno priority in our lives.iStock_000015752819Medium-Cut-just-guy

forget about the much talked about fitness regiment and whole foods debates peddled around,becoming the worlds healthiest man takes more than a walk every evening in your favorite encompasses everything from our immune to our hearing to our mental soundness.

Many folks think that being healthy is all about hitting the gym and bulking up muscles,take a break and reflect does it ring a bell that health is wealth and that, that skinny neighbor next door is more healthier than that chiseled friend at takes a lot, of effort so as to achieve a paramount level of health in your life, if keenly looked into we should involve in any little activity around us like taking that trash out in the morningjogging if we have a little time to many of us do sit all day in the office,eat greasy foods at our favorite fast food joints all year and still complain of fatigue or get that warning from the physician saying we should improve our

Lets delve deeper in becoming world’s healthiest man, what steps to take, what things to looks like an easier thing to do but being the world’s healthiest man is not a walk in the park.the world population is mostly becoming hooked on sedentary lifestyle where most adults and young folks are inactive and obese.figures from the American center of disease control (CDC), show a very worrying trend where some parts of the USA has a 30% population who are obese and inactive.this problem is not western or European but its worldwide.these figures means that there is higher risk of cardio vascular death caused by the sedentary lifestyles.AJ-Jacobs by michael cogliantry

We all want to be the world’s healthiest man but are we up to the task? can we observe all the basics and
diligently go all the way up to the core requirements of becoming the world’s healthiest man? these are questions we ought to ponder upon before we engage in the sacred act of realigning our health.we need to take our diet seriously,eat our vegetables, do our exercises.45 minutes in the gym wont hurt taking the egg whites and that kale is not boring.we also need to watch what we read out here in the blog and magazine articles,most writers are out there to make money and therefore they publish wrong heath

Become world’s healthiest man today,eat right do your exercises, read right articles on healthy lifestyles and worry less about that worrying warning from the physician on cardiovascular disease.we all want a healthy lifestyle,lets walk together in a all clean lifestyle and we have a chance

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