World’s hardest tongue-twister

Can you say ‘Black sheep mom says, white sheep dad says’, continuously 3-4 times? No? Relax, there is no problem with your speech, neither it is some disorder. Actually it is one of the hardest tongue twisters in the world, according to the Indian Institute of Technology researchers.113224831_5415343c00fd4136c342d88576df2737 It may not make much sense grammatically but the phrase “Black sheep mom says, white sheep dad says” has completely defeated all the volunteers who took part in a U.S. speech study. When told to repeat the phrase 10 times in a quick first lick, most of the participants stopped talking altogether surprisingly, according to lead researcher Dr. Rooparsh- Shikha Kalia, from I IT .hqdefault The researchers claims that these certain combinations of sound appears to make people loose control of their tongue and hence their speech. But when they recorded the registered misspoken sounds and, analysed them, the result came so astonishing, they found that the mistakes could have been more subtle,making the experiment more complicated. This research involved a number of processes, like studying of two categories of tongue twisters, simple lists of paired words and sentences etc..content_Aq86SUtCAAEIZAe.jpg_large One of the clear reasons according to Dr. Kalia is that, the regular rhythm of the word list is being compared with the more irregular timings of sentences. But whatsoever the reason was so far no one has passed this twister test. Meanwhile the IIT team, working with colleagues in Germany, has readily collected data of the next stage of this research program, which mainly involved placing tiny transducer on volunteers’ tongue to analyse their articulation. This was basically done to lessen the complexity of spoken sounds, by reading the graphical wave of each and every sound produced. Is this an exact science? No (Or like, may be, But yes, probably not.). It is a quite funny fact that Dr. Rooparsh Kalia got the basic idea of this phrase while sleeping. This phrase just snatched the tittle or we can say made its way to the tittle of the one of world’s hardest tongue twisters surpassing other phrases like ‘Peter Piper and her Peck of Pickled Pepper’. It is so astonishing, if we notice that we humans still have not got the full control over our very own speech, and we are trying to control various other commodities of this world. hqdefault (1)Actually, again it is not our fault, we were never trained to do such complex things with our larynx, our voice box. It is difficult but not the impossible. This twister gained so much over night popularity that a huge prize money has been set out by an unknown organisation for the person who will be repeating it 35 times in a limited time at a given place. A team of researchers has even gone that much far that it has been declared as one one of limitations of human throat. A great man once said that a given problem can be solved only if we look the way or technically have that thought while it is created. Is that so with these Tongue Twisters? To find out the basic creation behind every word to solve not only this one but all of them?

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