world’s funniest video

A good laugh is always good for the soul, there are a lot of funny videos in the internet to choose from in various sites including you tube and Facebook. From randomly occurring home videos to staged and scripted clips, some of the world’s funniest videos get the coveted a million plus views while others are gathering cobwebs from lack of interest. Making a viral video is more of a science with the perfect recipe you are guaranteed success.

A smartphone user shows the Facebook application on his phone in the central Bosnian town of Zenica, in this photo illustration, May 2, 2013.  Facebook Inc's mobile advertising revenue growth gained momentum in the first three months of the year as the social network sold more ads to users on smartphones and tablets, partially offsetting higher spending which weighed on profits. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic (BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Tags: SOCIETY SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS) - RTXZ81K

To make a randomly occurring funny video always be on the lookout camera at hand for a spectacular event, if it takes too long to come around you can always be innovative and create a situation that produces your viral video. Remember you need an edge to attract attention. Nevertheless, the video should not seem staged, rather authentic and relatable to some extent.facebook-2013-layout-2

Get the correct equipment and crew. You should spare no expense when it comes to the quality of the video. Good quality is always preferable to poor quality. Get effective crew members that add value to the team. A good team could mean the difference between the funniest video and just another video on the internet. You should also target a particular audience and bounce your ideas off your crew, your concept may seem funny to you yet completely flat and tasteless to everyone else. If you have a winning idea run with it, if not brain storm with your team to come up with a viable idea.messenger-video-call2

Keep it serious, do not laugh while making the video especially not at your own jokes, keep a straight face and convince the audience that you believe what you are saying to be serious no matter how ridiculous. This contributes in a big way to the comedy factor of the video. Do not offend people because then the video will be insulting, beating the purpose of its production. The line between offensive and hilarious is a thin one be sure to keep it on the right side of the divide.

Explore, innovate and have fun with the video making process, try out different versions during the shoot to have a variety to select from, this way you can ensure you have the best. If all else fails you can always use an animation app to make the video into a cartoon like motion picture. The content is just as important as the method of delivery.Screenshot-on-Facebook

Get the video out through all available channels of distribution, in today’s world a funny video with record breaking views can be a source of income through advertisements. Therefore, while creating your funny video keep in mind that you are actually building and marketing a brand that could result in financial gain as well as a lot of laughs.resized_adcc9-90ffaperturafacebookyoutube

If at first you do not succeed try and try again. You may not create the world’s funniest video at the first try but use it as a learning opportunity, evaluate the circumstances and create a masterpiece.

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