World’s funniest joke

Some guys will never show their teeth on any gag. Let’s take a bet; if you won’t show your teeth on this, then you probably have none on your gums. This has been rated the world’s funniest joke. As you can guess, (and your guess must be right compared to mine as you are not on a few glasses of wine) the joke left me sprawled on the carpet nursing a real rib ache after the laughter.


To start with, we all like babies. Well let me rephrase that…. We all like babies that don’t pee on us and plug our noses with their tiny fingers. Oh! Don’t knit your brows on this for you probably can’t stand a toddler. This may not be the real point so let us dive to the real thing; the world’s funniest joke.

So, a woman boards a bus fondly holding her baby. Fortunately or unfortunately the driver notices the baby and says; and I quote “ugh, that’s the ugliest baby I have ever seen”

Cute funny baby girl with cheerful coiffure

The woman fumes and is seemingly unable to stomach the insult. Irked and fuming to the bone she walks and finds herself a seat at the rear of the bus. As she settles down (still fuming) she says to a man next to her:”The driver just insulted me.” The man who happens to be a no-insult type says: You go up there and tell him off. Go on, I’ll hold your monkey for you.”


How then can we remedy the above? Just like the man who walks into a bar and orders a pint and requests one for the road, let’s try putting the woman on a special diet. To be precise, a whiskey diet will do because after losing two days taking it she will automatically forget the insult and how tortured her soul was.


How about the driver and the genius who compared the child’s looks to a monkey? Maybe they were right.

But wait, monkeys are not that ugly. We often visit the zoo and can’t help but marvel at how beautiful the monkeys are. It could be both men were high on two different off-joint brands and they ended up seeing things quite differently.


All the same, we assume they were all joking and never meant any sort of offense to the woman with the baby. At times it happens that we crack un-intended jokes that end up becoming the world’s funniest jokes.


The only problem with the latter (which actually is not a problem at all) is that we may make women with children feel insulted. Believe you me, the last thing we intend to do is hurt such women or worse, make them feel insulted.

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