World’s funniest game

Can allow someone to call you a donkey? Then in this world’s funniest game, you will! Someone will ask, what is this “be my donkey?” Well, I’ll tell tell you that it is the world’s funniest game to be. this is a game where ateast two parties throw stones trying hit them that u may be carried around by the one whose stone has been hit.maxresdefault

So what makes this game the title “world’s funniest game? the fun part comes in when the two try to hit each others stones in a manner where it should hit by a whisker so as can fly as far as possible for a long free ride on the victim’s back. Having this vision in mind, alot of misses occur! Even being less than a meter, one might miss by a mile!

In this world, there’s no stupid yet most funniest game as such when people get cunning, arrogant and cruel. These are manifested if one of the participants is older than the rest therefore becomes cruel and arrogant, you can imagine seeing one party who is supposed to carry the other, fleeing away evading the task of carring.the_flying_dog

You can imagine seeing your 5 year old kid carrying a ten year old for over 10 meters or 5 meters. You could see the kind of face they wear out of strain and fatigue, the 10 year old keeps on pating hard the other to reduce pace and orders him/her to make bray sound as loud as possible.

Onother thing that credits this game as world’s funniest game is how the weak ones go against the rules as they refuse to carry others and run to their parents and complain of how they are being tortured. “Mum, you know Edd is forcing me to carry his huge body around and i cannot do it.”

There are times when the “donkey” strains too much and trips and falls with a thud with the joy rider following
suite, they both stand up with dust all over their clothes including the “donkey’s”

There’s some cunning act like, when doing the carrying and one runs very fast making the other party’s ride short and boring, and when asked to go slow they pick short cuts makes the whole game to be the world’s funniest game.

Now, ever wonder if this kid game be incorporated into adults sports? I think it will be rated as the world’s funniest game without a sweat because there are no strict rules so one could simply do anything. I imagine seening a 30 year old man carrying a voluptous man on the back and screaming the “hoi hoi” sounds of a donkey and straining because of the weight.15641_700x

it could a further mile funnier if the one on the back patts the other making cowboy sounds to encourage the other to go on.

Picturing all other sports and outdoor game in the world, i could give this game the title of the world’s funniest game because of its stupidity, awkwardness and the no rules part. I think you will also agree that it could be nomminated in the world records or the 7 wonders of the earth bearing the label, THE WORLD’S FUNNIEST GAME.

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