world’s first man

Hello everyone. Let’s get straight to the point. Below are my top ten men the earth has ever produced. These are just my opinions. I am extremely sorry if you are hurt by some of the words.
1. Adam :2169
World’s first man to set foot on earth. World’s first ever man to have sex and reach orgasm with Eve. Believed by the Abrahamic religions to be the first ever man, those are some special feats and we should be ever grateful for Adam for setting the tone for the human race.
2. Albert Einstein:2130b283481e3967dc455fc6a9581096
World’s first man to invent the theory of relativity. Considered by many as the greatest theoretical physicist ever. We should be thankful to him for laying the foundation for modern physics. Certainly, the great grand pa of physics along with Isaac Newton.
3. Neil Armstrong :Neil-Armstrong-1024x576
World’s first man ever to set foot on the moon. Achiever of one of the most unique feats ever. In a nutshell, one man who made earth feel proud in the entire universe or universes.
4. Jesus Christ :Second-Coming-of-Christ
The son of God. One Man/Superman who influences billions even after death and worshipped by millions. Running out of words to describe Jesus. Sorry, words fail me or rather Christ fails me.
5. Eminem :873775732
World’s first man or rather world’s first white man rapper to sell millions of records and to have the greatest twitter following. Inspiring the world with his lyrics and swear words. Certainly, the greatest rapper alive.
6. Sherlock Holmes :48353-1890x1255crop0
The Fictional hero and amateur detective, Sherlock Holmes housed in 221 B, baker street, who is the grand dad of detectives.One man I would bet for to find my dog’s murderer. Sir Arthur Conan doyle’s child inspiring millions, selling copies even today
7. Bill Gates :r6-ZiOlW2gc
World’s first man to inspire millions of software engineers. Inspiring many with his thoughts. The founder of MS DOS, Microsoft and Windows. With billions in his bank and deep pockets, certainly one guy to be grateful for.
8. Buddha : buddha-007
World’s first man to define spirituality. One night Buddha left his wife and home and vanished to the forests to sit under a tree. That decision changed his life and the life of the futuristic Buddhists. Gaining Spirituality at its best and having millions of followers. Definitely one feat to vouch for.
9. Edmund Hillary: 20080110__SirEdmundHillary~p1
World’s first man to climb the tallest mountain on the face of earth, Mount Everest. Inspiring many of us to aim for the impossible. Certainly a feat for the Kiwis to be proud for. Or rather the entire earth to be proud for.
10. Shiva Ayyadurai :vashiva_1313747749_66
World’s first man to invent e mail. American Scientist with Indian origin. Everyone should be grateful for him for inventing mail and letting us sign in to multiple apps and softwares. Heck, I would say the greatest invention ever because I cannot use my apps without e mail.
There you go. Those were my top ten men. Hope you liked this article. I have had a lot of pleasure writing this. Hope you have the same reading this. Thank you.

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