World’s first game

From the first video games to games today.
Now a days video games, as well as the computer science industry is on a boom as people are always on the prowl for something to revolutionize the gaming industry or to top their previous works. Common game names like the recent Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, and Call of Duty are franchises that are on the top of the gaming industry. But what was the first game to be invented? The first one that caused the gaming “revolution” to begin? Pong was the world’s first game to be released, in the sense of using the medium that is widely used today,.Moon_SardokTo elaborate, there were games available before the invention of Pong. Such as Tennis for Two which simulated tennis playing experience on a large NIMROD computer back in the days of large cathode ray tube televisions. But the thing with Pong was that it employed a medium which made it possible to bring the gaming experience to the family living room. It wasn’t very feasible for the average family to have a large CRT monitor setup with a plethora of cables to be setup in their entertainment room. pre_1394914841__titanfall_generation__10Pong as well as Magnavox Odyssey, which was released later on, found commercial success because of its technology to be sold and as a console and plugged into a television set to be played. It was the first of it’s kind. These games used raster-scan video display or a television set which allowed for direct display via modification of a video signal on the television. Followed by the release of these games, other companies followed in their foot-steps and started a new era in gaming which eventually grew in popularity and a race to dominate the new technology.Pong was a simple game which simulated a tennis sports game but without the complicated technicalities. It is comparable to virtual air hockey; get the ball past your opponent to score. The score is recorded by a number over the respective side of each player. The main aim is to score more points that the opponent. Each player is represented by a bar which represents a paddle and a ball flies across the screen and each players must hit the ball when it comes to their side without missing otherwise the opponent would gain a point. There is no score cap and can be played limitlessly. It was from games like this emerged games like Pitfall, Golf, Asteroids which are made from the same company Atari. Clear Headers—PromoBut these required a Telegame console which is basically an arcade game machine. Then as games got more dynamic more features began
to be incorporated into games, such as 3D environment, different playable characters, backstories and essentially added depth to games. But all of this was possible after the boom of the video game industry following the success of Pong and Odyssey. It is from these games evolved the complex, dynamic video games that we have today which are now common household names. Dead-Island-developers-working-on-new-Zombie-survival-game-Dying-Light-first-screenshots-below-1Not only has the gaming industry benefitted from this revolution but also persons who make a hobby out of playing video games; persons who make a living from playing video games such as YouTube,game testers and so on. It is amazing to look back and see how much has changed and how gaming has evolved from the days of simple Pong, to where it is now.

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