world’s fattest child

Suman Khatum is the world’s fattest child. At the age six years, she has a height of 3ft and 5inches. She weighs 14st 5lbs which is five times in excess of what she should weigh at that age. It is believed that the food she feeds on per week is enough to feed her whole rural community.1305565326_1

Her afternoon snack involves more than fifteen biscuits and ten bananas at the same time. Her father’s weekly earning is put aside for feeding her. After a meal, she says that she has not had enough and asks for more. In case her parents refuse to give her more food, she cries and asks for food from the neighbors.

Born and raised in Bengal, India Suman Khatun’s single meal which she eats greedily includes: two huge dishes of rice, 2 fried eggs, omelettes and a 2 plates of fried fish. She usually has 2 breakfasts which include biscuits, rice, eggs and bananas.1306299582_ind2

Her mother bears the burden of seeing her daughter cry all the time with claiming that she is hungry. She reckons that her daughter never gets satisfied with what she is given and normally goes out after lunch to beg for more food from the neighbors.1361998750_4

She weighed 8lbs and 9ozs during her birth and immediately she started taking milk, her appetite immensely grew. Suman’s siblings are left hungry as their dad’s weekly income which is earned from casual labor is entirely invested in feeding her. Her father says that it is because of the expensive milk that they that they could not afford that led to them feeding her on grain foods. This is feared to be the cause of the fatness of their child which is heart breaking.fat3

Jalal, her father explains that statistically their daughter feeds on eight kilograms of fish, fourteen kilograms of rice, one hundred and eighty bananas in addition to eight kilograms of potatoes. To top it all off, she also feeds on cream cakes and sweets. Her parents have denied the accusations that they are to blame for their child’s growth. Quite the opposite they have said the they have been encouraging their child to feed less and reduce her size to avoid future health complications.fat9

After her mother had requested the help of the doctors in ensuring that her daughter lives a normal life, series of tests have been performed on the six years old Suman by doctors. The doctors have urged the parents to feed Suman on the right diet to enable her to lose her weight for her to have improved health. The doctors have said that the disease she is suffering from need immediate action to avoid any case she would be prone to diabetes infections and having heart diseases. Due to her weight, she suffers from a hormonal imbalance. This is the main reason why she feels hungry all the time. The imbalance has also affected her ability to run with her friends, play, stand, sit as well as have trouble sleeping and getting out of her bed. This in turn has proved to be a hard task for the family to take care of her.

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