World’s fastest woman

On your mark,get set,go! Running has never stopped us from excitement isn’t it?Well,who would not get excited while watching athletes running with all they’ve got to reach first and be the fastest man or the fastest woman.Running to be the fastest woman or man isn’t easy and you have others who have the same dream as you:to be the world’s fastest woman/man.Here we take a look at the world’s fastest women.With Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce having 7 World Championships and 2 Olympic Gold medals to her name and a blistering speed of 33.6 km/h,one can easily imagine her as the fastest of all time.But believe it or not,she stands just fourth on the list of the Fastest Women Of All Time.She stands behind Jeter and Maroin James who managed to finish 100m in 10.64 and 10.65 seconds respectively.Even with Jeter being extremely and ridiculously fast,she is not the fastest.Well then,who is the fastest?

The title of the World’s Fastest Woman belongs only to the woman of iron,Florence Griffith Joyner.Called as Flo-Jo by her dearest fans,Florence Joyner completed the 100m race in an incredible 10.49 seconds clocking a blistering speed of 34.3 km/h in the U.S. Olympic Trials of 1988.Taking a look at the top ten world’s fastest woman,we can see that Flo Jo was ahead of them all by a lot.She even managed to beat the 2nd fastest woman in the world more than a couple of times.The top 10 woman world’s fastest woman are:

1 .florence-griffith-joynerFlorence Joyner (100 meter in 10.49 seconds)

2.London Olympics Athletics WomenCarmelita Jeter (100 meter in 10.64 seconds)

3.1063754651_ospicturesthebiggestcheatersinsports201005Marion Jones (100 meter in 10.65 seconds)

4.Shelly-Ann-Fraser-PrycShelly Ann Fraser Pryce (100 meter in 10.70 seconds)

5.232033921Christine Arron (100 meter in 10.73 seconds)

6.OTTEY_Merlene_1987_GH_LMerlene Ottey (100 meter in 10.74 seconds)

7.Kerron-StewartKerron Stewart (100 meter in 10.75 seconds)

8.Veronica-Campbell-Brown-012Veronica Campbell Brown (100 meter in 10.76 seconds)

9.ASHFORD_E_1984_GH_REvelyn Ashford (100 meter in 10.76 seconds)

10.Ivet_Lalova_by_Augustas_Didzgalvislvet Lalova (100 meter in 10.77 seconds) Florence Joyner was an extremely talented and even more dedicated athlete.She began showing signs of her talent when she managed to catch a jackrabbit that attempted to outrun her when she was aged just five.From there on she never had to look back.She began to rule the tracks of her educational institutions and eventually participated in 2 Olympic Games and a World Championship.She frequently ran 100m in times revolving around 10.6 seconds and managed to constantly make the headlines of the newspaper.Flo-Jo proclaimed Bob,her coach,saying that meeting him was the
turning point of her life.Under Bob,she had to undergo serious training and she usually did exercises that men did.The medals won by her were all under Bob and the world record was also set while she was working with Bob.Some of her best times other than the 10.49 she set were,

1. 10.54 at the Seoul Olympics2. 10.60 at the Indianapolis qualifying heat3. 10.61 at the Indianapolis final4. 10.62 at the Seoul Olympics 5. 10.70 at the Indianapolis semi finalWith a World Record in the 200 meters as well that still remains intact,Florence Joyner had a wonderful career in athletics.Although she is no more,she is the fastest woman the world has ever seen and is sure to be for a long time.

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